The Golden Lands—An Epic Novella Series

The Golden Lands

I guess I kind of deserve this.

If you’re kind of a pessimist (uh, like yours truly), you’re probably thinking that this is going to be another one of those blogs.  Another writer who thinks he’s got what it takes and that he’s got the best.  I called my series “epic”…if you’re having doubts because there are hundreds of other writers who call their series’ “epic”, then I’m not going to blame you.  Whether we like it or not, sometimes our ideas and our writings aren’t as good as we think they are.  Hey, that could be the case with me.  Maybe my series isn’t epic, and you’re having doubts.  That’s okay.

All I want you to do is find out for yourself.  This blog is going to be about my series of fantasy/slightly graphic novellas that I’ve been producing quite rapidly.  It will also be about my other projects as a writer, and my thoughts on contemporary issues.  This blog is going to be a lot of “me”.  So if you’re ready to experience me in one of the most profound ways I’m able to express myself (e.g. writing), then stay tuned.  Yes, I’m an aspiring author, hoping that this blog will take me to where I want to be.  It should be an interesting journey.

the image is not mine
the image is not mine

So sit down.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, if you like that stuff.  If it’s cold, grab a blanket.  If it’s hot, sit in the shade.  This should be an interesting journey.  I’m welcoming you to experience it with me.  Please enjoy the ride.

Your Aspiring Author (AA),

Aul (Dominic)