The Genre

So far, the only thing you know about my novella series is that it’s supposedly “epic”.  And that’s all you need to know.  Anticipate my masterpiece.


And right now you’re probably thinking, “Um, #uninformative.”  (Maybe you’re not a “hashtag” person, but I’m a teen so I’ve got rights ;).)  If you did think that, you’re a smart person.  If you didn’t think that…

Well, anyway.

…Haha 🙂

So, on to describing my novella series.  What’s it about?  A jaded, depressed, angry teenager, who goes on a quest of personal vengeance to get back at a group of evil dudes for nearly killing him and leaving him to bleed out…in the middle of his family-room floor.  And let’s not forget they’ve kidnapped his younger siblings.  Wrath making him relentless, the main character is prepared to do anything to find these “Evil” and punish all who do evil.  He makes some life-changing friends along the way.  He makes life-changing enemies.  He starts uncovering a deep, dark, secret plan.

What’s the genre? Fantasy/slightly graphic novel(la).  Why the “slightly graphic”?  I’m not sure if I’m introducing a whole new genre here, but I personally have a love of anime.  These novellas are therefore going to be “literary graphic novels” (Anime is based off of graphic novels).  If you’ve never seen anime, that’s okay.  It’s basically just Japanese cartoon shows, but they tend to be very mature, have epic plots, lots of awesome and inspiring characters, and some of them are ridiculously funny.  These novellas that I’m writing, coming out in volumes, are meant to have an “animeish” feel to them.  What does that mean?  Well, in anime, most of the characters are super tough; they can somehow suffer terrible wounds but find the means to persevere and keep on fighting.  It makes it…unrealistic, in a sense, but this is fiction we’re talking about.  What else about my novellas resemble anime?  The humor.  Although this exact scene doesn’t happen in the series, here’s an example of anime humor:

Michael was having a seriously bad day.  His car broke down on the way to work, a woman spilled coffee on his shirt, and, due to being so stressed, his face was the color of a strawberry.

You’re laughing, right?  Didn’t think so.  Let me get to the punchline.

Upon entering his office building, he grumpily thought, “How can this day get any worse?”  Almost simultaneously, a random explosion erupts in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, destroying all of Western Civilization.

And also, in response to the explosion, the American flag on the moon falls over.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t my best joke.  You’re probably wondering what happened to Western Civilization.  Well, in anime, you’d watch the explosion destroy all of Western Civilization, and then you’d be right back with Michael in the office, like it never happened.  I think you’re starting to get the idea of anime.  Some things are exaggerated.

The reason my novellas classify as fantasy is because there is sword fighting, magical powers, strange creatures, and stuff like that.  Each volume is going to be very fast paced; in fact each volume is only about sixty pages long!  That being said, there are going to be a lot of them; the goal is to write at least twelve.  I’m already producing them pretty rapidly.  Once again, if you’re having doubts, I hope you give them a chance.

So here’s your summary of the genre:

Fantasy/Graphic novel


Yes, I added “dark” and “emotional” in there.  That’s because the first volume is indeed both dark and emotional.  But then, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Your Aspiring Author (AA)


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