The Reason

So far, you’ve learned about the genre and the dream of The Golden Lands.

Now I’m going to explain the reason why I’m writing The Golden Lands:


(the image is not mine)

Just kidding!  Although I can’t say that I’d say no to fame and fortune (and I probably wouldn’t be the best at domination the world), those aren’t the reasons why I’m writing TGL.

The Golden Lands is, first of all, extremely fun to write.  It’s very fast paced, which means it’s always exciting for me to write and present to others, and the main character is based off of yours truly, and the second main character is based off of a friend.  So now I get to write about myself doing things I could only imagine doing, in the hope that I’ll someday be able to live up to my character’s example.  This is a big part of why I’m writing TGL: I’ve done it to create a “better me” so that I can try to live up to my “better me”.

It’s actually pretty interesting; fusing my character, aspirations, likes and dislikes, what I know or don’t know about myself, into this person who grows into a better person than I am.  It enables me to learn more about myself, and what I’m truly like.  I think most writers would agree that their writing is a reflection of who they are; combine that with a character that is supposed to be you yourself, and the puzzle of who you are starts to come together.

Sheesh, that paragraph was confusing…

Let’s not forget another significant reason why I write TGL.  I am doing this for God.  I believe that my writing can be pleasing to Him, and I believe that I can help others to follow in His ways.  Mind you, The Golden Lands could not be categorized as Christian, but it does have themes of Christian morality.  And I think most people appreciate and take the most away from Christian morals.  If you’re not a Christian, maybe you disagree, and I can understand why.  But, for example, out of all the Avengers, I think most people would agree that Captain America possesses the most impressive moral values.  Which Avengers’ values reflect Christian values the most?  Captain America’s.

Just a friendly example 🙂

But anyway, God is one of the most important, if not the most important reason why I am writing.  Although The Golden Lands aren’t Christian fiction, the characters still possess that impressive sense of morality, based off of Christian values.

So now you know the reason.  Stay tuned for the next post when I show off the cover of TGL!!!

Your AA,


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