The Cover

The Genre.

The Dream.

The Reason.

You now know all of these things concerning The Golden Lands.  You know the unique genre I’m writing the story in, the dream for the story, and the reason why.

Now I’m going to show you the cover.

*Cue epic music*


….The fantastic…

…Most epic…




…Now I know what you’re thinking:

the image is not mine
the image is not mine

I can’t say you’d be wrong 😉  But I was just kidding.  Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the cover for the first volume of The Golden Lands!

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved
Copyright 2015 All rights reserved

This picture was drawn by my younger sister Clare (who happens to run a blog with her friend over at [you should check it out!]).  This masterpiece has literally succeeded all I could have hoped for in regards to getting an awesome cover.  Being no artist myself, and not having enough money to pay an illustrator, my sister came through just in time.  And I’m totally satisfied with what she’s created.  The picture is a scene taken from the first chapter of volume one of the series, and I think you can guess what’s happening.  I hope you’re starting to get the “animeish” feel to the series.  What’s more, the cover is a perfect reflection of so many emotions and themes intertwined throughout the series; the darkness of the series, the violence, the emotion, the struggle of the characters, and the strength of the antagonists.

Things are starting to come together now.  I’ve almost finished editing the first volume AGAIN and, already having my cover, I’ll be ready to self-publish very soon.

Start getting exciting, because the ride is about to start!

Your AA,


22 thoughts on “The Cover”

  1. Gorgeous cover! If you have Photoshop or something like it, you could try coloring it in digitally to help it look even better. But I love the way he looks! His eyes are so awesome! 🙂


    1. Thank you! All the credit goes to my sister, of course. That’s a good idea…i don’t currently have photoshop, but I should definitely download it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A couple, but right now my main focus is “Colorblind,” which is about a young man with amnesia who is investigating a series of murders. He’s convinced they’re connected (though no one else thinks so), but he’s also afraid that he might be somehow a part of the murders as well.


      2. I’m glad you think so! 😀 I was just starting to get depressed, because I normally don’t read much thriller/suspense (I don’t always have time) and it sounds as if my plot wasn’t as original as I thought…


      3. Well, the truth of it is–and I’m going to be writing a post about this–that all art is theft. The more humanity progresses, the more stores we’ll write, and then it will be almost impossible to think of something totally original. Just do the best you can 😉


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