Soul Bleeder, Chapter 5: Truths and Explanations

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Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski


We commence moving through the rocks.  The boulders are all at least ten feet tall, with their tops pointed like the tip of a spear, and they cast an army of shadows behind themselves.  The stones are sandy in color, and in spite of everything we’ve encountered so far, they are pleasant in appearance, especially beneath the bright sun and blue sky overhead.  Days aren’t always so dark or mystical within the Passageway.  The Passageway is a mirror of many things; reflecting such a simple piece of reality—the simple grandeur of an ordinary sky—would be one of those things.

I fill my lungs with the fresh air, on my guard as I should be, but allowing myself to relax as the day prompts me.  The air is still rather awkward between myself and the couple; their confusion hasn’t officially cleared, and they still don’t entirely feel comfortable around me.  I’m not surprised when Joshua decides to break the silence, “So, how long have you been guiding people through the Passageway?”

“About two weeks,” I answer.

“Have you ever not gotten anyone across?” His voice sounds as if he is merely curious, and I can tell he isn’t doubting my proficiency in performing my duty.  Most likely, he wants to know what he can expect from me.

“No,” I say, “at least not yet.”  I smile over at him.

A wry smile touches his lips too.

“You said we would be able to regain our zoecharia at the end of the Passageway,” states Elizabeth, her mind seemingly still withdrawn.  “How will we do that?  Will there be a Levite?”  She uses the more common term for a Soul Bleeder.

I know what she’s talking about.  She’s referring to the fact that all Levites/Soul Bleeders can give or restore the zoecharia to a person’s soul.  Levites and Soul Bleeders act as a sort of mediator between the soul and Elohim, the Giver of zoecharia.  I’m a little different in this regard…but that’s not important.

So, you might be wondering, if I have the power to restore the zoecharia to their souls—being a Soul Bleeder—why don’t I?

The Passageway isn’t merely a dangerous trek that people need to embark on in order to restore their zoecharia.  The Passageway, though it is filled with perils for the souls within it, is also a subworld through which souls learn to become stronger; to discover something about themselves or the world that will enable them to rise once again into the world from which they came as newly made persons*.  I could send them back to the Gray Lands.  But I won’t.  Not until they’ve learned their lesson.  Nothing would be accomplished, otherwise.

“No,” I answer.  I turn to them, growing a bit more serious, “You will stand before Elohim himself.  He will restore the zoecharia to your souls.”

Joshua and Elizabeth look at each other, their eyes wide and their faces stiff with fright.  “Elohim?” Joshua asks.  “How?  Why would a god be present in the Passageway?”

“Elohim works through Levites all the time,” I answer, “he’s present in the Gray Lands.  Why are you so surprised?”

“But we’ll be meeting him personally?” urges Elizabeth.

“That’s right,” I say.

The couple look at each other, and I turn and continue forward.  It’s all starting to come together for them.  “What will we have to do once we meet him?” I hear Joshua ask.

I turn back, “Zoecharia is sometimes called “Elohim’s gift” or “life”.  You should apologize for losing it, and beg that he give you more.”

“But we didn’t lose it!” Joshua exclaims, a note of anger in his voice.  “It was taken from us by Shiralk.”

I avert my eyes.  It was; this is true.  But the blame is just as much theirs as it is Shiralk’s.   Joshua first looks at me, and then at Elizabeth, who also stares away from him.  A look of confusion comes over Joshua’s face.  He opens his mouth to say something, when Elizabeth suddenly speaks, “Josh, I think I need to tell you something.”

I glance up at them, and then turn, continuing forward.  They’ll need privacy.  This is what I’ve been waiting for.

I go about twenty yards away from them.  I can only hear the sound of their voices, but not their words.  I sigh, hoping that their conversation will end peacefully, and that their resolve will be changed, or redirected to what it needs to be.  So that they can both understand, but be at peace, and trust me.

“What do you mean?” I hear Josh shout abruptly.  His voice is suffused with revelation and shock; there is only a hint of anger.  I can make out Elizabeth’s voice, coaxing him gently, attempting to calm him down.  “What do you mean?  Did I?” Josh’s voice says.  Then I hear him say, “I’m sorry,” over and over again.  He sounds as if he might break into tears.

“Well…good,” I think, smiling softly and hopefully.

A sound suddenly pierces the air.  My eyes widen.  I look up towards the sky, and then pivot and commence sprinting back towards the couple, dodging around the rocks.  The whistling grows louder and louder, and I shout, “Get down!”  The couple reacts, but they don’t sense the danger.  I lunge in front of them, just as something massive strikes the ground around us and a huge explosion erupts.  Wind tussles my hair and cloak, and I squint through the cloud of dust and earth that billows as it quickly flutters and twists like the waves of the sea.  His small, piercing white eyes glimmer through the cloud, and I can make out the silhouette of his thick, muscular body.  A low, hoarse voice sounds from within the dust, “I’ve been waiting for you, Soul Bleeder!”

To be continued…

*Not literally


Your Author,


Beautiful People April: Siblings – Teel and Peri

Haha great character ideas and really silly memes! I literally Laughed Out Loud.

The World Of The Writer

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Whew, just barely making it! This is my first time doing the Beautiful People tag, and it’s perfect for one of the stories I’m working on. The current working title is The Standard, and two of the main characters, Teel and Peri, are sisters. And twins. So, let the questions begin!

<I>And, yes, I am going to use Thor and Loki memes and gifs. Because siblings.</I>

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Soul Bleeder, Chapter 4: Peria

You can read the other chapters found on my page, “Soul Bleeder”.

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

(Note: Peria is pronounced “PER-ee-uh”, and roll the “r” if you can)


I stand keeping watch over Joshua and Elizabeth, who are sleeping.  The night would be completely quiet, if not for the wind that howls as it runs through the boulders surrounding us, as if it is a distant echo from the werebeasts, like a once forgotten past now reawakening, stirring the fabrics of time, space, and feeling.  It would almost be a peaceful night…if it was not possessed of an unholy presence.

He is here…and I cannot tell him to go away.  I cannot defeat him with brute strength alone.  He is of the Evil One, but cannot be separated from me indefinitely while I am here upon this earth.  His voice, which sounds identical to mine, is dark and sly, and he speaks into my ear, “Such a shame, Mighty Knight; Elizabeth’s such an attractive woman, she deserves a better man than Joshua, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I’m not here to judge anyone,” I say without looking back at him, “I’m here to get souls through the Passageway.  It doesn’t matter what they’ve—”

“It doesn’t matter what they’ve done?” the voice hisses, with mock emotion.  “Oh, but that’s exactly why they’re here.  You know why these two souls lost their zoecharia.”

My eyes drop; I do know why.  I hate what they’ve done, but it doesn’t matter.  They are more than their actions.

“Mmm,” the voice breathes, “humans give up their zoecharia so easily.  Especially when it comes to…” I feel his eyes open, and they alight fiercely and tauntingly at me, “…sensual pleasures.”

“That’s enough, Peria,” I warn him.

“But you know the truth,” Peria goes on.  “It started as something innocent and cute, but then they started going deeper and deeper, until they were hopelessly addicted.  The further they drove a hole into each other’s hearts, the more they wet their hands with the blood of each other’s zoecharia*, and they gored the life of their souls with their own hands.”  His lips smack, as if he’s licking something delectable off his lips, “And slowly—oh, it became the only thing they wanted.  Then love ran out, and scrupulous affections was all that was left.  Face it,” he goes on, “Joshua doesn’t deserve the woman like you do.  You know how pure you are, you know your power could enable you to love any woman perfectly.  And yet still you cling to the pain of being a—” I feel his hands fall onto my shoulders, grasping my cloak.  And he finishes in a loud voice that rings in my ear, “—Soul Bleeder.

I pivot away from him, turning so that I can face him, but he retains his grip on my cloak.  As I spin, my cloak is torn from my body, and I stiffen.  “I gave my soul and heart to Elohim!” I say, “I am a man, so I may desire to love a woman.  But I am a Soul Bleeder, and I will bleed for Elohim and for her!”

“Yes,” my dark, mirror image, my form of temptation wrought by the Evil One, says.  He looks exactly like me.  But we couldn’t be more different.  He wears an expression I have never worn and am determined to never wear.  His brow is lowered, a shadow beneath his brow, and his eyes are devious and crafty.  He is crouching on a rock, staring at me like some strange, dark creature, and his lips are curved into a sly smile.  And he finishes, “You do bleed.”  And he vanishes into the air.

Slowly, my breaths falling heavily and intensely, I lower my head, and look upon my body.  It’s not something you get used to seeing.  Blood coats my undergarment, running down my chest and stomach, and I can feel it gradually trickling down my legs.  I exhale deeply, my body shivering.  It hurts.  This is pain.  I’m bleeding.  This is pain.

I look over at Elizabeth and Joshua.  This is not new to me.  This is pain.  But this is love.  I’m a Soul Bleeder.  Lonliness and desire fills me; both of which are entirely pure in and of themselves.  But my soul has been given to someone else.  No matter what suffering I have to endure, I will persevere in that love.  And so, with my heart and soul in Elohim’s hands, I bleed for him…and for them.

*  *  *
When morning comes, Joshua and Elizabeth awake.  They nod to me in greeting, rubbing the sleep from their eyes.  I wait patiently for them to rise, although I am also prepared to hurry them along if need be.  There’s something, or someone, waiting for us.  I can feel it.
“Sir,” Joshua addresses me, “we’ve been here for an entire day and night…why am I not hungry?”
“You don’t need to eat in the Passageway,” I answer, “it’s not exactly the same as living in the Gray Lands.  You are something between a body and a soul right now.  I’d say you’re more a soul than a body, though.”
Joshua considers my words, and then shrugs, “I guess that makes things a bit easier.”
“Definitely,” I agree.  There’s a lull, and then my eyes flick to Elizabeth.  Peria was right; she is attractive.  Her beauty will make it easier for me to protect her; as a Soul Bleeder, I will suffer, but that’s just the way it is.  Something seems to be bothering her; something is on her mind.
“You okay?” Joshua asks her.
“Mhm,” she nods.  She looks up at me, and our eyes meet.
I can see now.   She’s contemplating why their here…or what they did to get here.
Good, this will make things easier.
High up from where I crouch on my rocky cliff, I stare down at the forest of boulders.  I can’t help but allow an insane, mad grin to stretch across my face.  The Soul Bleeder…he’s coming!  “Haha,” I laugh, my excitement amassing.  I speak as if he can hear me, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!  It’s been a while since I’ve fought a Soul Bleeder.  And the souls with him will be a most pleasing present for my lord!”  I laugh again, rising to my full height of twenty feet, and open wide my two-foot-long claws.
*This is just an expression.  Zoecharia doesn’t have blood.

Your Author,


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Soul Bleeder, Chapter 3: The Werebeasts

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

Chapter 3



The werebeasts clamber towards us, even as we dart towards them.  Joshua and Elizabeth are holding back a little more than I would like, but they’re still close enough that I should have no problem protecting them.  I am their Knight.  I will lead them through the Passageway.  All they need to do is give me enough cooperation.

The first werebeast comes to a halt before me, screaming a challenge and rising to full height.  Without hesitation, I run towards him and slash for his chest.  He raises an arm to block my sword, but my thrust is too quick; I pierce him under the rib cage.  “This way!” I call to the couple, swerving right.  About another ten or so werebeasts meet us.  I cleave one’s knee and then plant my foot, pivoting and stabbing one of the monsters in the stomach.  Joshua and Elizabeth keep close to my back, a good idea, but they stop, unable to go any further as another three of the werebeasts close in on us.  We’re in a bad position.

I need to be fast.  I jump at the three Evil about to attack the couple; I cut one’s throat while in the air, and after I land I jump at the next two, slicing diagonally twice.  All three of them falter and then slowly drop to the ground, blood erupting from their throats.  Joshua and Elizabeth dart after me, into the spaces previously held by the three werebeasts, even as I whirl around to face the monsters approaching from our left.  There’s a lot of them…more than usual, I think.

That being said, I’m neither afraid nor concerned that I can’t aid Joshua and Elizabeth through this brawl.  But I realize that this time, unlike others, it might cost me something.  My sword plunges into the chest of one werebeast, and I hear a roar at my right.  I commence pulling my blade free, looking over my shoulder to locate the monster before he can execute his attack.  His claws are already descending for me.   I try to make it; I try to wield my sword faster; I try to sever the werebeast’s arm.  But I’m too late.

It’s light, but the claws rip through my cloak and scratch crooked marks into my right arm.

So I receive the first one.

The pain stings, but it’s brief, and I quickly regain my focus.  I send a hard punch into the monster’s stomach, and as it bends over consequently, I hop and drop-kick it in the left side of the head.  The next two werebeasts claw at me, but I dodge, my movements fluid and smooth, and then I bound away from them, staying close to Joshua and Elizabeth.  We have made our way to the river.  Joshua and Elizabeth make as if they’ll jump in and swim across, but their senses stop them; the current is moving perilously fast.

“Go farther down the river!” I shout to them, nudging my elbow in that direction.   They comply, moving cautiously along the bank, their eyes flitting towards their pursuers and then towards the ground in front of them.  I follow them by back pedaling, but I stop every once and a while to feint at the werebeasts, lest any of them try to come too close.

We reach the area I’ve been endeavoring to get too; a spot in the river where the water isn’t so high, only about knee-deep.  “Go!” I say to the couple.  Three more werebeasts engage me.  The first I slash down the stomach and then push aside with my blade, and the next two I leap in between, pivoting as I bound, so that now I face their backs.  Immediately upon landing, I rush right back in between them, into the river after Joshua and Elizabeth.  The two werebeasts pause, uncertain, and then cry out as blood spurts from their sides.

On the opposite side of the river, another ten werebeasts have gathered.  Joshua and Elizabeth stop short, afraid to go any further.  I run past them, saying, “Come on!”  Leaping out of the river, I cut down one Evil while in the air, and then I leap off of the air, pushing off of it as if it were solid ground, cleaving one werebeast down the head.  The remaining eight break apart and flee, turning away to join a larger group of their kind, which approaches from the cliffs far to our left.  The couple join me on the other side of the river, and together we move swiftly for the forest of boulders just ahead.  The werebeasts will give chase, I assume, but after the rocks, they’ll have more than me to fear.

In fact, they don’t even follow us into the rocks.  And that doesn’t bode well.

But I have more pressing matters to attend to.  As we enter into the forest of rocks, the werebeasts come to halt before the boulders.  They shriek, snarling and howling, but they don’t follow us.  They are afraid of something.  Slowly, they begin to retreat back over the cliffs, and into the caves at the base of the cliffs.  Joshua and Elizabeth sigh.  “What were those things?” asks Elizabeth, catching her breath.

“Werebeasts,” I answer, “they’re a mix of beast, man, and Evil.”

Elizabeth nods, and for a moment, silence follows.  “Sir,” Joshua then speaks up, “can you tell us more about this place we’ve entered into?  Why are we here?  And how do we leave?”

I begin wiping the blood off the blade of my weapon with a small, white cloth, considering my words before I answer.  “Joshua,” I finally reply, “what was the last thing that happened to you and Elizabeth before you came here?”

Joshua and Elizabeth look at each other, and then Joshua replies, “We were sleeping.  After going to bed, we were suddenly attacked by an Evil.  He said his name was Shiralk.  I don’t know how he did it, but he stuck his hand inside of us.  And he pulled the zoecharia right out of our souls.  Then a portal opened up behind us, and we were sucked in.   That’s the last thing I remember.”  The man clenches his fist, “That bastard took our lives while we were within our bed sheets.”

I stop wiping my sword, and then continue.  “Yes,” I agree, “death happens there often.”  I don’t think they get what I just said.  I already know why they are here, but I still don’t think they understand why.  I continue, “Those who lose their zoecharia immediately enter the Passageway.  This is both a place of pain and death, but it is also the way to renewal and new life.  At the end of the Passageway, you will be given the chance to restore the zoecharia to your soul, and you may return home.  But if you don’t make it…” I look up at them, my eyes sincere and yet hopeful, “…then you will become an Evil.”

Your Author,



Soul Bleeder, Chapter 2: The Pass

This is the second chapter of my new blog series, which is set in the same world as my book The Golden Lands.  You can read the first chapter here.

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

Chapter 2


World: The Gray Lands

Subworld: The Passageway

Protagonist: None/All

The portal widens in the shape of an oval, flaring into existence in a single moment.  The edge of the portal seems to flicker, black and ghostly, like fumes distorting the air above a fire.  There is also a reddish glow to the tips of the fumes, as if it is possessed of a strange, dark power.  We exit the portal, grunting with surprise as we realize we are falling through the air, and then groaning with pain as we strike the ground.  The portal vanishes in a puff of red light just as quickly as it appeared.  We stand.

The place we have entered into is heavily drenched in shadows, which lay deep and thick by the walls of the cave-like corridor that we appear to be in.  The corridor is tall and round, and utterly bare.  Behind us, the path fades into the blackness, and whatever lies in that direction is hidden by a wall of shadow.  Ahead of us, the cave seems to come to an end; we can tell only by the eerie, bluish light that shines dimly  before us, revealing the beginning of a large, stony cavern.

A shiver runs through us.  We have no idea where we are.  We only know who sent us here: an Evil, one of impressive, supernatural power, named Shiralk.

We shift closer to one another, casting our eyes about the place we have landed in with fearful expressions.  We don’t know which way to go.  That’s when we see a figure move out of the shadows at the end of the cave.  We stiffen and then step backwards, unsure of who or what the figure is.

“Don’t be afraid,” the figure says, his voice evidently human.

“Who are you?” we question.

“I’m a Knight,” the figure says, stopping before us.  The dim light falls onto him, and we see his face; his dark, actually red hair; his cool, icy blue eyes; and his reassuring but determined expression.  “I’m here to lead you through the Passageway.”


The two people standing within the usual entrance into the Passageway, a young couple, reveal a sense of distrust.  I don’t blame them.  But they really must come with me if they want to be saved.  The first wave should be coming soon.  If they don’t find protection, then danger will find them.  Evil will find them.

“What’s your name?” they ask, still hesitant.

I pause, unsure if I should tell them.  My name could make them fear me, or worse; loathe me.  I decide to reply, “My name is not important.  Just know that I have been assigned the duty to protect all who enter the Passageway.  And you should come quickly,” I add. “The werebeasts will be here soon.”

They exchange a glance, and then come towards me.  Whether they like it or not, it’s their only choice, if they want to live.  I’m glad they made this easy.  I lead them to the mouth of the cave, which looks out into the bluish cavern beyond.  Peering cautiously into the cavern, I ask them in a low voice, “What are your names?”  I want to know if they’ll tell me, though I didn’t tell them my name.  I want to know how much they trust me, though we’ve just met.

“My name is Joshua,” states the Knight.

“I’m Elizabeth,” states the Beloved.

I look at them and nod in acknowledgement.  I know that I have to question them further, in order that I can truly and effectively help them exit the Passageway.  But there will be a time for that later.  “Sir, where are we?” inquires Joshua.

“You are in the Passageway,” I answer, “it is a subworld that no human can enter on his or her own.  You must be sent here.”

There’s a pause, and then Elizabeth asks, “Were you sent here like us?”

I frown, a twinge of sadness etching across my face, but I know they can’t see my countenance.  I know why and how they were sent here, and I know it was for a reason very different than mine.  “Yes,” I say, slowly considering my words, “but in a different way.”  Before they can ask anymore questions, I beckon them forward, and together we enter the cavern.

We cross through the cavern, hugging the walls tight and remaining in the shadows, and enter into a tunnel on the other side.  As we enter, I notice the couple stiffen, and they seem to grunt with surprise.  They behold the bodies of the Evil I had just been fighting, their corpses scattered about the path.  I can tell uncertainty is filling them.  “What happened here?” Joshua asks.

Explaining to them what I did should only boost their confidence in me.  “I killed them,” I state simply.  I turn to them.  “Now would you come on?”  They really can’t be stopping so much.  They shouldn’t be taking interest in the Passageway; they should be concerned about how to get out.

We continue forward.  The tunnel breaks off into two passages, the one on the left shorter and more cramped than the one on the right.  I’m aware that we want to go right, so I lead them in that direction.  The light grows brighter, and the ceiling of the tunnel steadily becomes higher.  Where there was otherwise almost complete silence, now we hear the sound of rushing water.  At the end of the tunnel, we come to a halt, and we look out over the pleasant view.

We behold a valley, suffused with waterfalls descending from rocky heights on our left, a green, grassy plain below us, and a river flowing out to our right.  The air is tinted with a bluish hue, betraying the sense of magic and supernatural power that this area holds, and glowing, violet flowers grow from the edges of the river.  The water is especially glossy, as if it is filled with crystals.  “It’s beautiful,” I hear Joshua say.

I smile wryly.  “Yeah, that’s what most people say…”  I look to our left, to the top of a cliff from which a cascade flows, and I spy a scout.  “…Until right about now.”

A shrill cry sounds from the top of the cliff, and then almost immediately, fifty or so strange creatures emerge from the cliffs and behind the waterfalls.  This is the werebeasts’ typical strategy; an announced ambush.  They are something between animal, Evil, and man.  Each one stands a foot taller than the average man, and they are coated with thick gray fur on the outside of their arms, legs, and the top of their heads.  Otherwise, they are naked.  Screaming with insanity, they commence rushing towards us.

So it begins.

“Listen,” I say to the couple, looking over my shoulder at them, “the goal for now is to stay alive and keep each other alive.   Both of you stick together and follow my lead.  Stay as close to me as you can.  We need to cross the valley.”

“We’re going to run towards them?” exclaims Joshua.

“That’s right,” I confirm.  And I brandish my blade, quickening my pace down the slope that precedes the valley.


Your Author,



This is something historical that happens in the world of my series The Golden Lands.  It DOES relate to the actual series, so it’s not totally random.


World: The Gray Lands

Protagonist: Anna Veera


Age: 19

Race: Femina

Height: 5’4

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

I’ve been running for so long.  I’m too afraid to go back.  He’ll find me.  They’ll kill me.  I don’t know who to turn to.

The wind blows swiftly over the plain.  The blades of grass whip back and forth, flashing their white undersides so that the field appears as a pale, eerie, rolling sea.  I lurch, as if the ground actually shifts beneath me, so uncertain, so disoriented, so fearful.  The eastern sky is black utterly with shadow; the western sky is a deathly white.  I am alone in the midst of this ghostly, grassy sea, beneath the looming convergence of shadowy darkness and pale death.

And I raise my face to the sky, tears of sadness and frustration running down my face.  I don’t know who to turn to.

The wind picks up, high above me in the sky.  The clouds twist, and the darkness seems to grow.  A shrill moan comes from the clouds, and the world seems to shake in response.  I don’t know who else to turn to.  I spread my arms out wide as the spiraling clouds touch the earth.  From the mist emerges a figure, standing aloft.  He is almost transparent, his form distorting the air around him like fumes rising above a flame, and a red and black glow seems to emit from his body.

I don’t know who to turn to.

I need power.  I need to kill them.  I need to crush them.  They’ve killed the people I love.  They’ll kill me.  I can’t do this alone.  I’m not strong enough.  I’m desperate.  “Please,” I whisper to the evil spirit, blinking tears from my eyes.

“Together…” he hisses, drifting towards me.  I can vaguely distinguish the form of a hand reaching for me.  “…You and I will be…”

I reach out and grab his hand.


I need power.

I can’t do this alone.

I don’t know who to turn to.

He clutches me by my shoulders and runs his body right into my chest.  At first, it feels painful.  We both gasp, choking and screaming at the same time.  Then he enters me.  I lose control.  I convulse, whipping my head back and forth, veins bulging in my arms and on my neck.  I need this.  I need the power.  We both scream again, and I arch my back.

And then comes what I was hoping for.  A transformation.  A new creature.  A new me.  And a feeling of succulent pleasure and power.


We love the feeling.  The power runs through our veins.  We stand, and instead of the old body, a new one has formed.  We are tall, and thick, and burly.  Our hair is black, and our skin dark gray.  Our eyes are yellow.  And we are naked.  That’s okay.  There is nothing left to hide.

We are strong.

This is what we wanted.  There is no more pleasurable a feeling than that of power coursing through us.  Supernatural abilities that mere humans could only dream of.  It is like we are above all else.  We are the rulers.  Nothing can stop us.  And we are in control.  Nothing can control us.  We are god—

A huge bolt of lightning strikes the ground in front of us.  We step backwards so that we can see.  Who challenges?  The dust begins to settle.  Ah…it’s him.  We both know who he is, now that we are one.  We are afraid of him.  We know what he can do.  But we will still challenge him.  We will still fight.  He will not defeat us.

He raises his head from the dust.  His ice-blue eyes glow, and his deep red hair is tussled softly by the wind.  His sword is beaming with an unnaturally large source of charia.  And his body radiates zoecharia, even as from his heart he bleeds unceasingly.  Logos.  The first Soul Bleeder.

“What are you here to do, Soul Bleeder?” we question, smiling.  “Anna is mine.  I will not let go.”

“I’ll give you a chance to release her,” states Logos.   He glares at us, the wind picking up around him.  He’s preparing to strike.

Fear enters our hearts.  But we love this glory too much; this sense of dominion and lust.  Therefore, we do not back down.  “Never.”

“Then I’ll make you!” declares the Soul Bleeder.  And he charges us.

We know how to react.  We are powerful.  We bound backwards, warping space so that we move quickly.  And orbs of energy form on our palms.  Ahh, the feeling!  We release our first attack: the might!  The might!

The energy explodes all around Logos.  Yet then our eyes open wide; his head is suddenly right next to ours at our right, and his sword flashes.  “How did he—” we think.  Then we feel our arm drop from our body, and blood erupts from the stub.  We cry out in pain.  But we have regenerative properties; we cannot be defeated so easily.  Our arm grows back—first the bone, then the muscles and tendons, then the skin.

We land on the ground, and he alights right in front of us.  We are much taller than him, and our arms are the size of one of his legs.  We claw once, then twice.  He dodges, weaving and bobbing his head, and then he spins, and his sword slices right through our stomach.  We scream.  The flesh on our abdomen begins to mend immediately, but he’s too fast.  Both of our arms fly off as he uppercuts twice.  We can’t stop screaming.  It hurts!  He won’t stop!

We reform and look for him; we hate him!  How dare he interfere!  How dare he fight us!  How dare he hurt us!  Enormous orbs of energy, warping the air around us, form once again in our hands, and fire flares to life in our throats.  We spray out the flames and shoot with abandon our blasts of energy in every direction.  He dances backwards, and immediately dons his armor.  The transformation is unnaturally quick.  Neither of us have ever seen him in his armor; both helmeted and with a shield.  Perhaps, we should be honored that he even considers us worthy enough to witness this.  Yet really, it just brings fear into our hearts.  Maybe that’s what he wants.  But it’s working.

We start to panic, screaming flames at him and clawing at him.  Our blasts of energy have the power to make mountains crumble into dust—all we have to do is hit him.  He can’t dodge forever.  So he blocks.   He deflects two torrents of power with his shield, ducks our claws, and then air climbs right up to our face.  He front flips over us, slashing for our head as he does, but we warp space and zip underneath him, turning around to face him again.  He pivots to face us too, and the charia on his sword stretches out, as if extending his sword, and the extension behaves like a whip.  He cuts diagonally upwards, and the extension sizzles towards us.  We form a shield of energy around our left arm and block the blow before it can rip through our body.

We smile; maybe we can hold him.  But we think so too soon.  Suddenly, he is lunging at us, right for our belly, and he drives his sword into our stomach.  We crouch over, gasping as the air leaves our lungs, and pain sweeps through our body.  Before we can react or even heal, he steps forward and uppercuts with his shield, catching us under the chin.  Our head flies off, and though we now have no mouth, our spirits moan in pain.  He has us.

“Let her go!” he commands, driving his blade upwards in our stomach.  He’s doing it; he’s cutting through our body to reach our spirits within.  He will try to separate us.  He will try to free her/me.

We cry out, our head regenerating.  “Let her go!” he shouts again.  Our shrieking reaches an unearthly, deafening pitch.  He cuts us open even higher.

“NO!” we scream.


I see him.  From within the depths of this body, from within the hole he cut in this magical, powerful, and yet dark form, I can see him.  He’s reaching for me.  “Anna,” he says, “it’s going to be okay!  I can help you.  You don’t need to turn to evil to fight evil.  I will help you!”

I hesitate, but consider his words.  I am still attached to the demon.   I am still gloriously possessed by him, and therefore possessing power and might and experiencing inexplicable pleasure.  I both love and hate this.  I look into the Knight’s eyes.  I want to be able to trust him, to let go and take his hand.  “Anna,” he speaks again, “this is what you want.  Let me help you.  Just trust me; everything is going to be fine.”

I reach for him.  I thought I didn’t have anyone else to turn to.  I thought only by joining with evil, I could defeat the evil in my life.   Is there another way?  Is this what I want?  I stare into the Knight’s eyes.

But then I reconsider.

This feeling, this glory, this lust, this power…do I really want to let that go?  I close my eyes—I mean, do I really want to let that go?


The hole suddenly closes.  I lose contact with her.  I bound backwards, scowling at the demon before me.  He’s pulling her back; but I won’t let him.  “Enough of this!” I cry out.  “Release her and return to the darkness you chose!”  I don’t hold back now.

I shoot an enormous blast of charia from my hand that completely engulfs the demon.   I can hear it scream beneath the torrent of power, which mercilessly eats away at the body of the beast.  I will not let evil take control of this person.  I will not let her be taken over against her will by this spirit.  I will beat him down until he releases her.  I cease firing the charia.  The demon thrashes on the ground, crying out, “Wait!  Wait!”

I pause; perhaps he’s come to his senses.

“What will you do, Soul Bleeder?” the demon wheezes at me, slowly regenerating.  “Will you force us to goodness?”

What is he talking about?  No, I force no one to goodness.  That’s not who I am.  I would never deprive someone of their free-will.  But why does he even bring this up?

“Are you giving her up, or aren’t you?” I question.

The demon begins laughing.  “No,” it says, rising to full height.  Its body has completely reformed.  With a look of deviousness, it smiles down at me.  “You don’t understand,” it says.

I squint…what could it mean?


For a moment, all that can be heard is the wind tearing through the fields.  My mouth falls open, and I lower my weapons.  “What would you do, Soul Bleeder?” the demon asks again.  “Are you going to destroy us?  Are going to officially damn her soul by killing her while she is united with me?”

I feel my heart drop in my stomach.  I don’t want to.  If I kill them, she’ll go down into the deepest trenches of the world.  Her only chance to return to her natural form is if she remains alive, and one day turns away from the evil spirit she has joined herself with.  But, by joining herself with this demon—she’s unlocked an entirely new power, a new form of being, that, if introduced to the world, could be duplicated.  She could wreak havoc upon society, and have others join her to do the same.  I clench my sword with frustration.

“Well?” the demon taunts.  “Will you destroy us?  I can’t say it would surprise me.  After all, you were the Soul Bleeder that destroyed an entire nation in one night!

Immediately, flashbacks of me obliterating the race of the Black Suimar come to mind.  Explosion after explosion, me rising into the sky and releasing a circular blast of power that ruptured the enter city, it all comes back.  What I did was necessary.  But that was because they deserved the punishment, and I knew their thoughts.

“I won’t kill you,” I finally say.  “But by doing this, Anna, you have brought evil to both yourself and your entire race.  If you do not give up the evil spirit inside of you, all your people will suffer.”

“Even as we shall be saved,” the demon replies with a smile.

“Do not think you have won,” I say.  “If you or your kind threaten another nation while in the form of a demon, I will kill all who take the form of a demon and any who try to stop me.  Abide by these rules, or just like the Black Suimar, your nation will perish.”

“We are the new Black Suimar,” the beast answers.  “We will resurrect what was once destroyed.”

“Then hell will be your resting place.”

“I’d rather experience hell than part with this glorious form.”

I bow my head, discouraged and sad.  I grit my teeth; why?  Why?!  I offered her a chance.  I revealed to her my power; my power over evil!  Why does she not accept me?  Why does she choose to ally with the Evil?  “So be it,” I say.

And the demon transforms in an instant into a glowing, almost electric form of energy.  It looks as if the demon has turned to water, the way the red light flows and pulsates through its body.  Then the Evil zips away.

I follow a moment later, assuming the same form, only I travel in a white body instead of red.  The demon takes me to the homeland of Anna, where the White Suimar reign.  The settlement lies between two great mountains.  And from the top of a hill looking down into the valley, I watch the chaos start.  A terrible unveiling of power initiates, the demon slashing through members of Anna’s race, exploding home after home.  People shout and cry out in pain, begging for mercy.  Even from a distance, I can hear the new creature laughing, howling with delight.  And in response, the people ask, “Who can we turn to?”

And a host of demons arrive at their call.  If only they could have power like this.  If only they could trade their human nature for this form of mightiness and evil.

And what was once light became dark.

Well!  That took long enough XD  I hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks for reading and comment if you have any questions!



Soul Bleeder, Chapter 1: The Knight

This is the first chapter of a blog series I’m doing set in the world of Terra (which holds the three worlds, The Golden Lands, The Gray Lands, and The Dark Lands).  You may not hear from me directly for a long time, because my fantasy world is about to take over.  Instead, you will hear the voice of many different characters.  Enjoy!

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski


World: The Gray Lands

Subworld: The Passageway

Protagonist: Urdar the Merciless


Age: 116

Race: Ultra Malam

Height: 7’0

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Black

The Knight cuts through my band of Evil with astounding speed.  He knows how to move just as quickly as he needs to.  And the placement of his strokes is impeccable.  Nothing catches him by surprise.  He lithely dodges two slashes for his head and counterattacks by leaping into the air, slicing the throats of two of my Evil in a single motion.  He lands on his feet, and instantly parries an attack, and then another, and another.  He’s good.

But he’s hiding something.

I have fought and killed hundreds of Knights and Beloved.  Several have I encountered that possessed zoecharia in their souls, but those that I did encounter fell also to the power I have been given.  My fire burns.  None can quench it.

But this Knight…he is strong, stronger than he lets on.  He’s hiding something.  He’s holding back.  But why?  I squint, watching him slay another four of my beasts with ease.  I need to test him.  My Malam are no match for him.  I need to know who or what this Knight is before I kill him.  Before I watch him burn.

He cuts downwards, severing the head of one of my beasts, and then spins, cleaving another Evil in two.  He’s getting closer.   I don’t know why I’m feeling nervous.  This human will be no match for me.  I am Urdar the Merciless.  He is a pathetic—

He steps closer while engaging my Malam, and I stiffen, grunting with alarm.  “Dammit!” I growl in my thoughts, “What the hell is this Knight!?”

Perhaps he hadn’t been close enough yet, but now I can feel it.  And I realize that I have to strike while he’s still fighting my other beasts—before he can attack me.

I rise to my full height, roaring, my voice echoing in the dark tunnel we are skirmishing in.  With ease, I summon my fire, the flames materializing in my palms.  I stare at the Knight.  And just as he stabs the last of my Evil, he raises his eyes to meet mine.  Now is my only chance.  But I falter for a moment, my anticipation rising.  I feel it again.  I can’t believe it.  I’ve never felt this before.

The zoecharia in his soul, its presence is fuller and more powerful than I’ve ever felt before in a single human.  Though he is only a human, and I an Evil of terrible strength, I hesitate, wondering if I should challenge him.  Wondering if I should execute my strike.

He turns towards me, and he brandishes his blade.  His sword begins to glow blue with charis.  I’m too late.  He’s already accepted my challenge, before I even proposed one, and I am the only Evil that remains.

Then at least I will strike before he can.

I release a huge, monstrous roar, so loud the walls of the cavern shake.  My anxiety is great, but I will not let myself be undone by a lowly human, at least before I’ve fought him…before he’s felt my fire!  I swing both my arms forward.  Red flames explode out towards the Knight.  In my fear of him, I’ve accidentally released an exceptionally large blow.  But I’m glad; no one could survive this.  There’s nowhere to run or to hide.  My fire fills the tunnel from top to bottom, shooting out towards the Knight.

The moment I think my flames are about to consume the man, a white light flashes around him, and then a blast of wind surges in every direction from the Knight.  I am knocked off my feet, sent crashing onto the ground.  I groan and curse, arching my back.  Then, after a moment, I slowly rise, glowering furiously at the Knight, and then I stop, amazed and terrified at what I see.

The Knight is standing twenty yards away, garbed fully in armor, a helmet on his head, and a shield in his left hand.  He had none of these when our little fight began.  Around him, multiple torrents of wind spiral and twirl, and the air itself glows blue.  His sword gleams like starlight, and his whole being seems to vibrate with power.  But it’s more than that.  There’s no impediment any more.  I can feel it in all it’s fullness.  And it’s extraordinary.  His body is humming with—no, exhuding—both charis and zoecharia.  And his armor—only a certain type of Knight can summon his armor and shield so quickly.  And to have his armor to that degree of brilliance—

It can only mean one thing.

He relaxes his release of power, and the wind dies down gradually.  But the brilliance of his blade and his armor still remains.  He steps towards me.  “Now I know what you are!” I say through my teeth.  “I tested you, and I got what I asked for.”

He’s doing it again.  He’s bizarrely calm.  Instead of obliterating me in the moment that he fully reveals the level of his charis and zoecharia, he checks how much strength he puts forth and keeps only what he needs; charis ready for dispense at a moments’ notice, in case I suddenly attack.

“But what would one of you be doing in this place?” I question him.

“A Knight should be where the people need him most,” he returns, continuing towards me.

“But you’re not just any Knight!” I say.  I grin.  Though what he is is the source of his power, it could also give me an advantage over him.  “You’re a Soul Bleeder, aren’t you?”

“And I would use my power to free you,” he replies, “but I see that you’re are one of those Evil.  I will only send you back to your master.”

“He can tell what kind of Evil I am?” I think, alarmed.  What if he’s more than just a Soul Bleeder?  He has the Eyes.  What if he’s—

He stands right in front of me, his sword hefted at chest height.  “This will be quick,” he states, as if it will comfort me.

He’s more than just a Soul Bleeder; I’m certain of it!  “What are you?” I shout at him.  But I can’t raise my eyes to meet his.  I’m too afraid.  He can see me.

And then I’m certain of it.  Slowly, I lift my head, and I stare at his heart, from which I can feel zoecharia flowing like blood, and then I begin, “You’re—!”

“Be quiet,” he commands, “and threaten the souls of the Passageway no more!”

His sword flashes downwards, and I depart from the Passageway.



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One Week Anniversary!

Hey all, guess what?

IT’S THE ONE WEEK ANNIVERSARY OF MY NEWLY PUBLISHED BOOK!  It’s been a reaaaaaaaaaly long week… 😛

So just some news for all of you:

First and foremost, I want to let all of you know that in exactly ONE MORE WEEK, the price for The Golden Lands, Volume 1 will go up!  It’s at $2.99 now, but I’ll be moving it up to $3.99.  THIS WILL BECOME A THING!  After publishing a book, the first two weeks it will remain at a low, discount price.  Afterwards, however, it the price will go up.  You may purchase my book here.

Second: my new blog series, “Soul Bleeder”, debuts tomorrow.  It’s pretty much about a character you WILL encounter in TGL, but not right off the bat.  You’ll get to experience my writing style, the magical characteristics of my created world, etc.  

I don’t know why, but it won’t let me get out of bold….

Anyway 🙂 I think that’s it.

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At last!  After much frustration and tweaking, I was finally able to format my book properly enough according to the requirements of Smashwords.  Now Smashwords has begun distributing my book to online book stores like Apple and Barnes and Nobles.

My goal is to beat the typical amount of books sold by self published authors: around 110.

I want to sell 300 books at least.

Please help me make this happen!  This is going to be a lot harder than I thought, but it all starts here.  The price is only $2.99 for the first volume of The Golden Lands.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to read an action-packed novella?

And did I mention that one of my followers bought and read the entire book in one day?  You can read her review at my book’s Smashwords page.

Thanks for being awesome!

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Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski