Two more days until I publish the first volume of The Golden Lands!!!  Here’s a brief teaser to get you pumped:

They begin dragging Soror and Frater out of the house.  I cry out to them, raising my sword, but I am blocked by a swarm of the beasts.  The darkness is so thick around me, so dark I’ve never seen anything like it, as though the darkness is a black wall connecting the beasts, emanating from their skin.  The way they move makes my head swim, like they keep multiplying and then vanishing into the darkness.  I charge them, and two of them step out to meet me.  One after another, I cut both of them down.  I hear my siblings scream from outside, and I raise my head to look for them outside our demolished front door.  I see them with their arms outstretched for me, and then all of a sudden I feel pain erupt in my stomach and I gasp.  Time freezes for a moment, and then I gasp again, looking down at the blade sticking into my body.  The blade retracts, and I release a quivering breath.  I fall to the ground on my side, watching as my blood pools beneath me, warm against my side.  As I lay there,—sharp, burning pain running through me—I look up, seeing outside within the fading light of day a distinct figure; a beast with long, matted hair, and a red cape.  And I know he is their leader.

Then they leave.  Their cries sound for long, pain-filled moments after, and then they fade into silence.  And all that’s left behind is blood and shadow.

There’s still a bit more work for me to do.  If any of you have some advice about self-publishing, please let me know!  (Especially informing me about certain traps that I could run into).

Thanks for your support!  Almost ready to go!


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