This is something historical that happens in the world of my series The Golden Lands.  It DOES relate to the actual series, so it’s not totally random.


World: The Gray Lands

Protagonist: Anna Veera


Age: 19

Race: Femina

Height: 5’4

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

I’ve been running for so long.  I’m too afraid to go back.  He’ll find me.  They’ll kill me.  I don’t know who to turn to.

The wind blows swiftly over the plain.  The blades of grass whip back and forth, flashing their white undersides so that the field appears as a pale, eerie, rolling sea.  I lurch, as if the ground actually shifts beneath me, so uncertain, so disoriented, so fearful.  The eastern sky is black utterly with shadow; the western sky is a deathly white.  I am alone in the midst of this ghostly, grassy sea, beneath the looming convergence of shadowy darkness and pale death.

And I raise my face to the sky, tears of sadness and frustration running down my face.  I don’t know who to turn to.

The wind picks up, high above me in the sky.  The clouds twist, and the darkness seems to grow.  A shrill moan comes from the clouds, and the world seems to shake in response.  I don’t know who else to turn to.  I spread my arms out wide as the spiraling clouds touch the earth.  From the mist emerges a figure, standing aloft.  He is almost transparent, his form distorting the air around him like fumes rising above a flame, and a red and black glow seems to emit from his body.

I don’t know who to turn to.

I need power.  I need to kill them.  I need to crush them.  They’ve killed the people I love.  They’ll kill me.  I can’t do this alone.  I’m not strong enough.  I’m desperate.  “Please,” I whisper to the evil spirit, blinking tears from my eyes.

“Together…” he hisses, drifting towards me.  I can vaguely distinguish the form of a hand reaching for me.  “…You and I will be…”

I reach out and grab his hand.


I need power.

I can’t do this alone.

I don’t know who to turn to.

He clutches me by my shoulders and runs his body right into my chest.  At first, it feels painful.  We both gasp, choking and screaming at the same time.  Then he enters me.  I lose control.  I convulse, whipping my head back and forth, veins bulging in my arms and on my neck.  I need this.  I need the power.  We both scream again, and I arch my back.

And then comes what I was hoping for.  A transformation.  A new creature.  A new me.  And a feeling of succulent pleasure and power.


We love the feeling.  The power runs through our veins.  We stand, and instead of the old body, a new one has formed.  We are tall, and thick, and burly.  Our hair is black, and our skin dark gray.  Our eyes are yellow.  And we are naked.  That’s okay.  There is nothing left to hide.

We are strong.

This is what we wanted.  There is no more pleasurable a feeling than that of power coursing through us.  Supernatural abilities that mere humans could only dream of.  It is like we are above all else.  We are the rulers.  Nothing can stop us.  And we are in control.  Nothing can control us.  We are god—

A huge bolt of lightning strikes the ground in front of us.  We step backwards so that we can see.  Who challenges?  The dust begins to settle.  Ah…it’s him.  We both know who he is, now that we are one.  We are afraid of him.  We know what he can do.  But we will still challenge him.  We will still fight.  He will not defeat us.

He raises his head from the dust.  His ice-blue eyes glow, and his deep red hair is tussled softly by the wind.  His sword is beaming with an unnaturally large source of charia.  And his body radiates zoecharia, even as from his heart he bleeds unceasingly.  Logos.  The first Soul Bleeder.

“What are you here to do, Soul Bleeder?” we question, smiling.  “Anna is mine.  I will not let go.”

“I’ll give you a chance to release her,” states Logos.   He glares at us, the wind picking up around him.  He’s preparing to strike.

Fear enters our hearts.  But we love this glory too much; this sense of dominion and lust.  Therefore, we do not back down.  “Never.”

“Then I’ll make you!” declares the Soul Bleeder.  And he charges us.

We know how to react.  We are powerful.  We bound backwards, warping space so that we move quickly.  And orbs of energy form on our palms.  Ahh, the feeling!  We release our first attack: the might!  The might!

The energy explodes all around Logos.  Yet then our eyes open wide; his head is suddenly right next to ours at our right, and his sword flashes.  “How did he—” we think.  Then we feel our arm drop from our body, and blood erupts from the stub.  We cry out in pain.  But we have regenerative properties; we cannot be defeated so easily.  Our arm grows back—first the bone, then the muscles and tendons, then the skin.

We land on the ground, and he alights right in front of us.  We are much taller than him, and our arms are the size of one of his legs.  We claw once, then twice.  He dodges, weaving and bobbing his head, and then he spins, and his sword slices right through our stomach.  We scream.  The flesh on our abdomen begins to mend immediately, but he’s too fast.  Both of our arms fly off as he uppercuts twice.  We can’t stop screaming.  It hurts!  He won’t stop!

We reform and look for him; we hate him!  How dare he interfere!  How dare he fight us!  How dare he hurt us!  Enormous orbs of energy, warping the air around us, form once again in our hands, and fire flares to life in our throats.  We spray out the flames and shoot with abandon our blasts of energy in every direction.  He dances backwards, and immediately dons his armor.  The transformation is unnaturally quick.  Neither of us have ever seen him in his armor; both helmeted and with a shield.  Perhaps, we should be honored that he even considers us worthy enough to witness this.  Yet really, it just brings fear into our hearts.  Maybe that’s what he wants.  But it’s working.

We start to panic, screaming flames at him and clawing at him.  Our blasts of energy have the power to make mountains crumble into dust—all we have to do is hit him.  He can’t dodge forever.  So he blocks.   He deflects two torrents of power with his shield, ducks our claws, and then air climbs right up to our face.  He front flips over us, slashing for our head as he does, but we warp space and zip underneath him, turning around to face him again.  He pivots to face us too, and the charia on his sword stretches out, as if extending his sword, and the extension behaves like a whip.  He cuts diagonally upwards, and the extension sizzles towards us.  We form a shield of energy around our left arm and block the blow before it can rip through our body.

We smile; maybe we can hold him.  But we think so too soon.  Suddenly, he is lunging at us, right for our belly, and he drives his sword into our stomach.  We crouch over, gasping as the air leaves our lungs, and pain sweeps through our body.  Before we can react or even heal, he steps forward and uppercuts with his shield, catching us under the chin.  Our head flies off, and though we now have no mouth, our spirits moan in pain.  He has us.

“Let her go!” he commands, driving his blade upwards in our stomach.  He’s doing it; he’s cutting through our body to reach our spirits within.  He will try to separate us.  He will try to free her/me.

We cry out, our head regenerating.  “Let her go!” he shouts again.  Our shrieking reaches an unearthly, deafening pitch.  He cuts us open even higher.

“NO!” we scream.


I see him.  From within the depths of this body, from within the hole he cut in this magical, powerful, and yet dark form, I can see him.  He’s reaching for me.  “Anna,” he says, “it’s going to be okay!  I can help you.  You don’t need to turn to evil to fight evil.  I will help you!”

I hesitate, but consider his words.  I am still attached to the demon.   I am still gloriously possessed by him, and therefore possessing power and might and experiencing inexplicable pleasure.  I both love and hate this.  I look into the Knight’s eyes.  I want to be able to trust him, to let go and take his hand.  “Anna,” he speaks again, “this is what you want.  Let me help you.  Just trust me; everything is going to be fine.”

I reach for him.  I thought I didn’t have anyone else to turn to.  I thought only by joining with evil, I could defeat the evil in my life.   Is there another way?  Is this what I want?  I stare into the Knight’s eyes.

But then I reconsider.

This feeling, this glory, this lust, this power…do I really want to let that go?  I close my eyes—I mean, do I really want to let that go?


The hole suddenly closes.  I lose contact with her.  I bound backwards, scowling at the demon before me.  He’s pulling her back; but I won’t let him.  “Enough of this!” I cry out.  “Release her and return to the darkness you chose!”  I don’t hold back now.

I shoot an enormous blast of charia from my hand that completely engulfs the demon.   I can hear it scream beneath the torrent of power, which mercilessly eats away at the body of the beast.  I will not let evil take control of this person.  I will not let her be taken over against her will by this spirit.  I will beat him down until he releases her.  I cease firing the charia.  The demon thrashes on the ground, crying out, “Wait!  Wait!”

I pause; perhaps he’s come to his senses.

“What will you do, Soul Bleeder?” the demon wheezes at me, slowly regenerating.  “Will you force us to goodness?”

What is he talking about?  No, I force no one to goodness.  That’s not who I am.  I would never deprive someone of their free-will.  But why does he even bring this up?

“Are you giving her up, or aren’t you?” I question.

The demon begins laughing.  “No,” it says, rising to full height.  Its body has completely reformed.  With a look of deviousness, it smiles down at me.  “You don’t understand,” it says.

I squint…what could it mean?


For a moment, all that can be heard is the wind tearing through the fields.  My mouth falls open, and I lower my weapons.  “What would you do, Soul Bleeder?” the demon asks again.  “Are you going to destroy us?  Are going to officially damn her soul by killing her while she is united with me?”

I feel my heart drop in my stomach.  I don’t want to.  If I kill them, she’ll go down into the deepest trenches of the world.  Her only chance to return to her natural form is if she remains alive, and one day turns away from the evil spirit she has joined herself with.  But, by joining herself with this demon—she’s unlocked an entirely new power, a new form of being, that, if introduced to the world, could be duplicated.  She could wreak havoc upon society, and have others join her to do the same.  I clench my sword with frustration.

“Well?” the demon taunts.  “Will you destroy us?  I can’t say it would surprise me.  After all, you were the Soul Bleeder that destroyed an entire nation in one night!

Immediately, flashbacks of me obliterating the race of the Black Suimar come to mind.  Explosion after explosion, me rising into the sky and releasing a circular blast of power that ruptured the enter city, it all comes back.  What I did was necessary.  But that was because they deserved the punishment, and I knew their thoughts.

“I won’t kill you,” I finally say.  “But by doing this, Anna, you have brought evil to both yourself and your entire race.  If you do not give up the evil spirit inside of you, all your people will suffer.”

“Even as we shall be saved,” the demon replies with a smile.

“Do not think you have won,” I say.  “If you or your kind threaten another nation while in the form of a demon, I will kill all who take the form of a demon and any who try to stop me.  Abide by these rules, or just like the Black Suimar, your nation will perish.”

“We are the new Black Suimar,” the beast answers.  “We will resurrect what was once destroyed.”

“Then hell will be your resting place.”

“I’d rather experience hell than part with this glorious form.”

I bow my head, discouraged and sad.  I grit my teeth; why?  Why?!  I offered her a chance.  I revealed to her my power; my power over evil!  Why does she not accept me?  Why does she choose to ally with the Evil?  “So be it,” I say.

And the demon transforms in an instant into a glowing, almost electric form of energy.  It looks as if the demon has turned to water, the way the red light flows and pulsates through its body.  Then the Evil zips away.

I follow a moment later, assuming the same form, only I travel in a white body instead of red.  The demon takes me to the homeland of Anna, where the White Suimar reign.  The settlement lies between two great mountains.  And from the top of a hill looking down into the valley, I watch the chaos start.  A terrible unveiling of power initiates, the demon slashing through members of Anna’s race, exploding home after home.  People shout and cry out in pain, begging for mercy.  Even from a distance, I can hear the new creature laughing, howling with delight.  And in response, the people ask, “Who can we turn to?”

And a host of demons arrive at their call.  If only they could have power like this.  If only they could trade their human nature for this form of mightiness and evil.

And what was once light became dark.

Well!  That took long enough XD  I hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks for reading and comment if you have any questions!



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  1. Wow…. That’s… trying to find the right word 😉 … intense. And good. Oh, and I read the second TGL and it was SOOOO awesome!!!!


    1. Well thanks! And I’m glad you liked it. I hope it was better than the first. Would you mind leaving a review again please?


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