Hype for Volume 2!!!!!!


Well….are you hype?

If not, you should be.  Volume 2 is ready for publication.  All that we’re working on is the cover of Volume 3 (which will go in the back of Volume 2).  And guess what?  We had to change the cover for Volume 2, because the original picture

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

was just too square to squish down into a rectangular, book-cover size.

So we came up with this:

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

I really like it; it captures the intensity of Volume 2.

Just to give you an overview of Volume 2, here’s the log-line:

John and Faith now know the plot of the Evil that kidnapped Soror and Frater, John’s little sister and brother; Soror and Frater, along with a host of other humans, are to be sacrificed to the ominous god of death.  Meanwhile, Faith is realizing the true, dark nature of John’s desire to hunt the Evil.  Can she stop him before his thirst for vengeance consumes him…or will it consume her instead?

In case you haven’t already bought it, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight, is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents and as a paperback for $5.99.  You can also buy it as a Nook Book at barnesandnobles.com or as an iBook for 99 cents.

Please consider purchasing my book in order to help support me in my future writing endeavors.  Money is tight and I could use all the help I can get!

Stay awesome.


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