Going Once…Going TWICE…

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

The sale still continues!  The first volume of my series is still free as an eBook at Smashwords.com or in the iTunes store.  My book is incredibly easy to buy (if you want to call it buying).  This “super-ultra-mega” sale is all in anticipation of me releasing Volume 2 (which, as of now, is ready).  I guess you could say I’m giving you some time to catch up for free before the next volume comes out.

Just in case you forgot or didn’t know, here’s the plot of The Golden Lands, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight


Left for dead by a band of strange, dark warriors, John Hedekira sets out on a quest to get revenge and to rescue his siblings from the hands of his attackers. Joining him is the kind, innocent Faith Pinck, and together they must stop the evil warriors before they can complete their mission: a dark plot to collide humanity with the world of an unholy, supernatural being.


You’ve got nothing to lose!  Enjoy the story 🙂


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