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“TADAHHH!”….one of my favorite Loki lines 😛

I did it!  Volume 2 is officially an eBook at Smashwords.com.  It will probably take about a week before Smashwords distributes it to other retailers, so Smashwords is the only place you can get it at.  I’m very excited to have published a second Volume of TGL.   It really makes it feel like TGL is a series that will continue, a series with potential, and a series that’s going somewhere (from a professional point of view).

And guess what?  Just for you guys, I’m having a special sale!


So get it while you can!  To all of you that downloaded Volume 1, thanks again.  I hope you are enjoying it and I hope you enjoy Volume 2 even more.

So here’s what Volume 2 is about (mild spoiler alert):

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski


John and Faith now know the plot of the Evil that kidnapped Soror and Frater, John’s little sister and brother; they, along with a host of other humans, are to be sacrificed to the ominous god of death. Meanwhile, Faith is realizing the true, dark nature of John’s desire to hunt the Evil. Can she stop him before his thirst for vengeance consumes him…or will it consume her instead?

GENRE: Fiction/Fantasy/Dark/Emotional

WHERE CAN YOU FIND IT? https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/550789

Remember the sale only lasts for today.  For the sake of integrity, I will raise the price to $0.99 tomorrow, along with Volume 1, which, by the way, is also still free.

Enjoy, dear followers!


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