Volume 3 Cover

I guess I should apologize for keeping you guys in the dark about this.  The cover for Volume 3: The Ghost of Hedekira, has been finished for quite some time now!  I never got around to revealing the cover, however.  If you’ve purchased and finished Volume 2, then you’ve technically already seen Volume 3’s cover, because I always put the cover for the next book in the back of the book you’re reading.  (Confusing, I know…)

So, after a lot of ups and downs and modifications, here’s the cover for Volume 3!

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

As can be blatantly seen, this volume possesses a sense of mystery and intensity.  I’m not going to release a plot summary yet, as I want to give some of you time to finish Volumes 1 and 2.  But, as I’m hoping you can tell, Volume 3 is going to be very exciting!

Any thoughts?  Which cover do you like the best so far?  I’d love to know!

Just a reminder that Volume 1 is still a free download at Smashwords, Barnes and Nobles, and the iTunes store!



11 thoughts on “Volume 3 Cover”

      1. No! 😦 I still haven’t gotten to buy it! I can’t download it on the free sites because I don’t have an account. But hopefully I’ll be getting an Amazon gift card soon. 🙂


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