Sorry, I know that all I gave you last time was a link to my new Bleach fanfiction.  Here’s a way more convenient way to read it:


The sirens won’t stop blaring throughout the building. I grip my head, feeling blood run down my face and through my fingers. I’m losing control. Losing sanity. What’s going on? Why am I here? Who am I?
The air is both cold and refreshing. But it is also harsh; I don’t feel comfortable in it. I’m naked. A shiver runs through my cold body, even as my head burns with pain from the hole in my forehead. The ground shakes beneath me as some explosion erupts somewhere in the building, jostling my cell. My legs are still adjusting to the hard, lifeless stone beneath me. The lights won’t stop flashing, the sirens won’t stop ringing. I’m so confused. What’s happening?
The last thing–or maybe it’s the first thing–I remember is pain running through my body. I was lying on an icy, metal table, and I noticed someone next to me. He was holding a long syringe, empty of whatever fluid it had previously held. I couldn’t see him; he was drenched in shadow. But he spoke to me, his voice rich and yet eerie, saying, “You are the final experiment, the most prized of my creations. Come, and I will teach you how to serve me.” And he put me in this cell.
That was only five minutes ago.
I was born five minutes ago.
I remember nothing before that; I don’t know if I ever existed before waking up on that metal table.
But then it happens for the third time: a flash of remembrance courses through my mind. “Ichigo Kurosaki”
I see a Soul Reaper with orange hair and a huge sword. I don’t know how I know he’s a Soul Reaper, or why I even know he exists. But this keeps on happening. “Who is he?” I wonder, lost and confused. Another image flashes in my mind. The Soul Reaper stands around a group of friends; two girls and three boys. “Ichigo Kurosaki”
And then after that, all that comes to mind is my own appearance. I raise my eyes, peering into the glass wall surrounding me, and I see my reflection.
Though mine is black, I have the same spiky hair. The same angry eyes. The same body. The same everything. I look exactly like him. “Ichigo Kurosaki”
The ground shakes beneath me again, and this time I am thrown from my feet. I land on the stiff stone, bruising my knees, and then another explosion occurs. The glass walls of my cell burst and shatter, thousands of shards clashing against the floor and rebounding off each other as they plummet. I raise my head, and through the demolished wall of my room emerges a dark figure. His long black hair flows behind him, held back from his face by white headpieces. He wears a long black robe, topped with a shorter white one. Thousands of small, black objects hover in the hair around him.
An image flashes in my mind again. It is of the same person. Only he is not so dark. He is surrounded by light and pink petals, which are sharp as daggers. This person is surrounded by a black cloud of tiny knives. “Who are you?” I shout.
He doesn’t answer.
Then a name comes into my mind. I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t know where any of this knowledge comes from! “Byakuya Kuchiki”
Then he speaks. “I am…your death.”
His army of petals sail towards me. And a pang of understanding rises within me.
“Ichigo Kurosaki”
I cry out. I don’t know how it happens. My battle drive is activated. I don’t know how I know, but I do. The knowledge has been with me since I was born. Now I know how to make sense of this knowledge. The knives fly towards me.
“Getsuga…Tensho!” I spread my arms out, like a dragon about to take flight, and a huge blast of power, whipping and dancing, black and wrathful, discharges from me towards the other Byakuya. He gasps.
The explosion destroys half the building.
For a few moments, there’s only dust, and confusion. Everything happened so quickly. And for the first time in what feels like forever, there is silence. I don’t know if anyone died. I don’t know if anyone survived. But I was able to escape.
I alight on the roof of the building, the building where I was born, deep within this dark world. I look upon what my power has wrought. I don’t understand. I don’t understand who I am. I don’t understand this power. Who am I? Why was I created? I clench my fists, my own confusion making me frustrated and full of rage. “Dammit!” I think.
I raise my head to the sky. “Who am I?” I say aloud.
“Ichigo Kurosaki”
Then I suddenly know where to go. Another image flashes in my mind. This time, it’s of a town. And I don’t know how, but I know it’s name: Karakura Town.

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A Call to Fan-art

So I’ve been thinking about changing the look of my blog!  I want it to be more centered around the artwork of The Golden Lands.  I’ve already got several pictures, most of which are covers.  But I’d LOVE some more.

That being said, I’d love for anyone who’s interested to draw some fan art for me!  (I’m not going to stop you.)  What’s more, unless I get absolutely too many pictures, I’ll post your picture on my blog as a part of the design…as soon as I can get the new layout worked out.

By the way, in case you didn’t notice my new profile picture, here’s a new image I drew!

Copyright 2015 Dominic Sceski
Copyright 2015 Dominic Sceski

ALSO!  For the sake of your convenience, the reference I usually use for drawing John is Ichigo Kurosaki (from the anime/manga Bleach) and for Faith we typically use Rukia (who is also from the anime/manga Bleach).

Time to get some new looks and build some community 🙂


Thanks all!


Bleach Fanfiction!!!

Hey all!   I thought I’d share with you this Bleach Fanfiction I’ve been writing over on Wattpad.  Bleach is an anime, just so you know!  Here’s the plot and the link to the story on Wattpad!


Fan art Ichigo

Enter the world of Bleach once again! Why? Why not!? Deep within Hueco Mundo, a mysterious scientist in league with the Menos Grande discovers how to create extremely powerful clones of whomever he chooses. But the clones aren’t perfect; they were created to be evil, obedient warriors. Instead, they possess unnatural abilities and end up going haywire. Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends are faced with stopping and containing the clones before they can unleash a special power they all possess: a power that could be used to destroy both the World of the Living and the Soul Society.

Going Once…Going TWICE…

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

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Just in case you forgot or didn’t know, here’s the plot of The Golden Lands, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight


Left for dead by a band of strange, dark warriors, John Hedekira sets out on a quest to get revenge and to rescue his siblings from the hands of his attackers. Joining him is the kind, innocent Faith Pinck, and together they must stop the evil warriors before they can complete their mission: a dark plot to collide humanity with the world of an unholy, supernatural being.


You’ve got nothing to lose!  Enjoy the story 🙂


Super-Ultra-Mega Sale!

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

Hey everyone!  I’m writing to announce a super-ultra-mega sale on my book The Golden Lands, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight.

So here’s the sale: Free!

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Barnes and Nobles

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Hype for Volume 2!!!!!!


Well….are you hype?

If not, you should be.  Volume 2 is ready for publication.  All that we’re working on is the cover of Volume 3 (which will go in the back of Volume 2).  And guess what?  We had to change the cover for Volume 2, because the original picture

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

was just too square to squish down into a rectangular, book-cover size.

So we came up with this:

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

I really like it; it captures the intensity of Volume 2.

Just to give you an overview of Volume 2, here’s the log-line:

John and Faith now know the plot of the Evil that kidnapped Soror and Frater, John’s little sister and brother; Soror and Frater, along with a host of other humans, are to be sacrificed to the ominous god of death.  Meanwhile, Faith is realizing the true, dark nature of John’s desire to hunt the Evil.  Can she stop him before his thirst for vengeance consumes him…or will it consume her instead?

In case you haven’t already bought it, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight, is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents and as a paperback for $5.99.  You can also buy it as a Nook Book at or as an iBook for 99 cents.

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Stay awesome.