Sorry I haven’t posted in so long everyone!  I’ve been pretty busy working on polishing off Volume 3 and writing Volume 4.  Also, because I always put the cover of the next book into the current book, my sister and I have been drawing the cover for Volume 4…which, by the way, is definitely going to be the most amazing cover yet!

Here’s an overview of Volume 3!

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski


A name is being whispered throughout the northern region of the Golden Lands.  And wherever it is whispered, death quickly follows.  “Hedekira” is the only word voiced by the strange “ghost” who appears at random, causing chaos wherever he strikes.  Neither John Hedekira nor his friends know why the ghost is after John…nor that they are going to be in the fight of their lives if they’re caught.


NOTE: Karr is not the Ghost of Hedekira

I dislodge my sword and stand, groaning again.  “You know this guy?” I ask Faith.

“Karr?” she says to the bandit.

The thief removes his mask, still keeping his eyes on Faith.  “Yeah,” he affirms, revealing his face.

My gaze switches from Faith to Karr, who are still regarding each other with a look of confusion.  This is an awkward moment.  “Uh, so how do you know each other?” I ask.

“John,” Faith says, eyeing the bandit suspiciously, “this is my brother, Karr.”

Understanding floods my mind for a moment, but then I’m confused too.  Faith told me she has two older brothers, but she said they both got married and were living as farmers like their parents.  I get why Faith is surprised.  “What are you doing here?” Karr asks.

“What are you doing here?” questions Faith.

Karr frowns with annoyance, as if he’s disappointed with her reply.

“I’m helping my friend rescue his little siblings from a band of Evil,” Faith declares.  Then she asks again, “So why are you here?”

Karr grimaces, lowering his gaze, when a female thief speaks from the roof above us, “Sir, we’ve acquired our projected spoils.  Do you want us to clear out?”

“Yeah,” Karr says.

“Would you like to take prisoners?” the woman inquires.

Karr’s eyes alight on me and Faith.  “Just two,” he says flatly.

Bernard comes running up to us from my right.  “Faith, are you okay?” he says.

“Make that three,” Karr recants.  The woman nods and then flits away.

“Karr, what do you mean?” Faith exclaims.

Karr turns and walks away slowly.  Five bandits drop from the roofs around us and replace him, and one of them warns, “Don’t resist.”

Bernard and I exchange a glance.  We don’t know if we can take them, and we don’t know if we want to.  We drop our weapons and raise our hands.  Then the thieves come forward, and they bind our hands.  I don’t know if this is a good idea.  I don’t exactly trust Faith’s brother.  I mean, he was just pillaging a village.  And now he’s leaving it in ruins.  “What’s going on, Faith?” I murmur to my friend.

“I don’t know,” she replies stiffly.  But her demeanor says it all.  She’s going to get to the bottom of this.

I hope you guys are excited!  Volume 3, I’ve been told, has the best, most well-choreographed fight scenes in the whole series so far!!!

Your Author,


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