Good Work Everybody

Good work everybody 🙂 Volume 3 is definitely a hit!  Downloads are really spiking for all three volumes (especially for Volume 1).

To be honest, Volume 3 has been the biggest pain in the neck for me.  It still hasn’t qualified for Smashwords’ “premium distribution”, all because of the image I placed in the back of the book.  And I still can’t seem to resolve that.  Also, Createspace over at Amazon isn’t allowing me to create a print version because it says my margins are too small, even though I’m using the same margins I used for the other books.

Well, I’ll find time to work everything out.

But YOU guys are awesome, even if I’m really not doing so great 😀

Funny how things are working that way….

ANNNNNYYYWAY.   Just wanted to let you guys know that I may not be posting very much because of football camp.  It takes up the greater part of my day.

Stay awesome!


P.S. All three volumes are still available and free at (

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