Calibre—eBook Reader Review

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REVIEW—eBook Reader: Calibre

I will admit that when it comes to eReaders, I’m not too experienced, meaning that I haven’t tried very many of them.  However, I have to say, Calibre-E-book Management has to be one of the coolest eBook readers out there!

Calibre is virtually your own eBook library that grants you the ability to gather books from multiple sources.  It’s a way to read books that are distributed as EPUB files; and EPUB files, in case you didn’t know, are usually the most professional-looking out of any possible eBook format.

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Okay, now down to the simply stylish/cool things.  Calibre just has a modern, organized feel to it.  Whenever you select a book, it gives you the cover of the book, the name of the author, the format it’s in, the tags given to it by the author, and a summary of the plot (granted that the book possesses one).  I think that it’s awesome and amazing that ALL of that information can be extracted by simply downloading an EPUB file on your computer and transferring it to Calibre.

Then there’s the button that allows you to convert books to whatever format you want.  Or what about the button you can press that allows you to search for eBooks online WITHIN the program?  THAT’S a handy feature.  Any kind of eBook from whatever site; you can search for them right from Calibre!

When it comes to reading, everything looks nice and crisp; both because of the way Calibre presents every book, and because EPUB files—so long as the book is formatted correctly—always look sharp.

calibre image review 2

Yes, I know my example images are blurry…that’s because I try to make them bigger or just leave them at the same size 😛

Overall, the only downside to Calibre is that sometimes it seems like it makes the computer a little slow when you run the program.   But other than that, it’s totally worth it!

I often suggest Calibre to those friends and followers of mine that don’t have any other eReading devices.  It gives you a modern, intriguing way to read eBooks on your computer, if a computer is all you have available for reading eBooks.

Here’s the link to download Calibre…and it’s FREE:

Enjoy! I hope you get as much out of Calibre as I do!

BY THE WAY.  Shout out to Elizabeth M for providing an awesome picture to use as the background for my blog.  Here’s the original picture.  It’s a scene taken from the end of Volume 1:


Pretty epic, right?  Thanks Elizabeth.

Your Author,


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