The Carter Chronicles…

It sounds like an exciting story, with normal, but realistic characters. Initially appearing to be something simple, you can almost tell, by it’s simpleness, that something very intense is about to unfold. Although, Mark’s writing could use some proofreading (e.g. punctuation mistakes and grammar issues), his story definitely seems like one worth checking out. Good luck, Mark!

Mark Draycott Author

The beginning of the end

Part 1:

He was supposed to finish early that Thursday but a late order had kept him rooted to his desk past 6pm. Having almost given up on the idea that he may still make it to ‘The Shed’ for 7, he prepared himself to make the call knowing that cancelling this late in the day would not go down at all well. He stepped outside into the icy cold air and checked his watch. It was 6.45.
“This is a wind up surely?” said the voice on the other end of the phone. “You are shitting me right? You’re on in 15 minutes and you call me now to cancel”.

“Listen Ray I’ve just finished work. I don’t need this right now” he replied.

“You do though son that’s half the problem. You do need it.”

“Just tell him that we’ll pencil in another…

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