Chasing Shadows

Another review of Volume 1! Check out what people are saying about The Golden Lands!

Thoughts & Theories

Welcome to The Golden Lands, and at once, we can see that all is not as ?golden? as it should be. Our hero, John Hedekira, is attacked in his home by hideous monsters called Evil. So begins our adventure with John in the first installment of The Golden Lands, a fantasy series by Dominic Sceski.

The Golden Lands, Volume 1: Shadows in the SunlightThe story is written from the perspective of John Hedekira, the protagonist, as events unfold. I?m not entirely certain that I like this perspective, but it certainly wasn?t enough of a distraction to make me put the book away. It?s fairly short, (only nine chapters,) so things happen quickly, with lots of action and barely enough time to catch your breath between events. The main hero of the story is attacked and left for dead twice before the story really gets going. Not only does the brevity of the story help keep thingsā€¦

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