The Sun Rises on The Golden Lands….Volume 4 Has Been Published!!!

Good morning everyone 🙂

It’s been done.  Volume 4 is officially published and free at (for a limited time only)!  Click here to download your own eBook copy!

Copyright 2015
Copyright 2015

It’s been a long road.   There has been lots of excitement along the way.  But now it’s time for the end of my first arc.  It’s time for the first finale.  The battle is almost over.  Dawn is about to break through the night.

Welcome to the “feels” of Volume 4, my dear followers 😀

There are many people I must mention, many people that deserve a hand.  First, I’m thankful to God for helping me become the writer that I am.  He is undoubtedly one of my biggest inspirations.  Second, my younger sister Clare, who helps me with all of the artwork/covers for TGL, as well as the plot structure for every volume.  Third would be my mom and dad for their editing and insights.  And last would be you, my followers, for sticking with me for this whole ride.

Dang, I haven’t even officially told anybody yet, and I’ve already got 17 downloads!

Thanks for being awesome and sticking with The Golden Lands.  As promised at the beginning of Volume 4, I hope you agree that this is my greatest work yet…and I will do my best to keep on writing better and better.

So what’s Volume 4 about, in case you missed it?

John, Faith, and Bernard have come farther than they ever thought possible. They’ve persevered through every struggle, every personal trial, and every foe that has come their way. Now the final battle has arrived. Allying with the people of Castrum Fortress, John and his friends must storm the city of Howaito Maki and defeat the three Evil captains…or every prisoner of the Evil will die.
If you’re interested in The Golden Lands, Volume 1 is free as an eBook here:

Enjoy everyone and spread the word!

Stay awesome,

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