Excerpt from Howaito Maki/The Red Captain

Hey all!  Volume 4 is still free as an eBook at Smashwords.  Click here to get your own copy!

See for yourself what Volume 4 is made of!  Here’s an excerpt:


I’m able to analyze him amid the clamor and shifting torrent of bodies around me.  And I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  He’s found his first victim.  He knows who he wants to challenge first.

He’s staring at me.

I swallow, and for a moment, fear induces my heart.  But then I come to my senses again, thinking that, after all, this is what we wanted.  We wanted to draw the captains out.  We wanted to keep them away from the prisoners.  And, while we’re at it, we might as well give them a fight worth remembering.

I lower my head and raise my shield, rushing like a bull through the mass of Knights, Beloved and Evil, slamming the wall of opponents aside as I run forward.  I come to an abrupt halt before the Gray Captain and lower my shield, holding my sword out behind me in preparation for slashing at him.  “You’re a captain?” I inquire.  “Funny, me too.”

I pivot towards him, sending a bone-crashing blow for his left shoulder.

He raises his left arm and intercepts the slash with his forearm, his arm not even flinching from the force of my attack.  I grunt, wide-eyed.  “Heh,” he says, his voice scraggly, and slightly high-pitched for his size, “you may be a captain, but you’re hardly a match for me!”

I draw back my sword; there’s no blood.

Like what you read?  Volume 1 of The Golden Lands is free here.  Begin the story.  Embark on the journey.

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