It’s Been a While!

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Hey there!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged.  I’ve heard from blogging experts that you shouldn’t apologize for not blogging…but…well, here we go.

I’m sorry!

I have to admit that I’ve been busy recovering from a knee injury (I had to get surgery, then I had to rehab it, etc.).  I’m doing fine though.  Of course, I also have to admit that part of my absence could largely be attributed to laziness.

Now, what kind of a writer/author allows himself to grow so lazy!  Tisk tisk…at me.

So, I’ve been gone for a long time.  But I haven’t been entirely lazy during my absence.  If you go to my blog, you’ll realize that a lot of things have changed.   First of all, I’ve FINALLY gotten my blog to look the way I want it to.  It looks exciting and peaceful at the same time (which is weird, but that’s just like me :D).

The second thing you should notice is that the homepage is a static page, explaining what my blog is about.  The most important thing for you to gather is that now ALL OF MY BOOKS WILL BE GOING ONTO MY BLOG.

The next important thing for you to notice is how I’m going to be writing about more than just my book series.  I want to share with all of you my thoughts on being a young Christian man, all my thoughts concerning writing, all my thoughts concerning anime, and just about art and the world in general.  There’s a lot to talk about, and I don’t want to limit myself to blogging just about The Golden Lands (however great it is :D).  I’ll still give you updates on my writing endeavors/achievements.  But I want all of you to get to know my as a person, as a writer…not just a guy trying to sell you his work.

I hope this post finds you well.  And I hope you haven’t forgotten about me!

Stay awesome, dear followers!

Dominic (Aul)

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