Now that I’m back…

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Now that I’m back, I don’t want to spend too much of my time blogging about my book series.  I want all of you to get to know me as a person and a writer, not as a salesperson.  Obviously, this means that from time to time I will have to blog about my book series, because The Golden Lands is a big part of my life as a person and a writer.

So what else will I be blogging about?

Here are the Big 2:

  1. Anime.  Anime is awesome.  Literally.  Whether you’re simply viewing it as a form of art, or as a new form of story-telling, forming characters, a plot, etc….it’s awesome.  So I’ll be blogging about anime and using anime artwork to inspire my posts.
  2. Being a Christian teen.  Maybe that sounds a little weird since I’m going to be blogging about anime and my book series…but in order for you to know me as a PERSON, this is something extremely important.  What’s more, I’m positive that you’ll be able to benefit more from me writing about certain Christian ideals than you EVER would if I were just writing about my book series or anime.

So there you have it!  Once again, I hope you haven’t forgotten me.

Stay awesome!

Dominic (Aul)

P.S. Just an update: I changed the way my blog looks and works.  Please visit my blog and tell me what you think of everything.  The homepage of my blog is a static page now, so all of my posts can be found in the page entitled “Blog”.  Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Now that I’m back…”

      1. Aw well that’s very nice of you to say that. Honestly, I’ve been needing to the support. Good luck to as well in all your writing endeavors!

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