My Evil Plan….*Maniacal laughter*

just as planned

Are you ready for it?

I’ve been working out just HOW I’m going to present to you each of my books.  I want everyone to be able to read my books on my blog for the sake of convenience.  But how should I go about it?

I decided that I would do so in the form of “episodes”.  Basically, I’d convert every chapter into an individual episode, and then you could go through my book like you would a TV series.

Only I’m going to take that a step further….*evil grin*

Every week, I’ll post an episode from Volume 1.  Now, all of Volume 1’s episodes can already be found here, with a complete table of contents and a description of each episode (you should REALLY check it out.  I worked very hard on that page!).  But I perfectly understand if you’d rather read the episodes in your Reader.  What’s more, that’s just a better way to remind you that the episodes are there.

So I’ll be posting each episode of Volume 1, one after another each week.  When I’ve posted every episode from Volume 1, I will loop back around and go through Volume 1 again.  In other words, there will be re-runs of Volume 1, leading up to the beginning of Volume 2.  I’ll do the same thing with Volume 2, and etc.

I think you get the picture.  My book series is going to run exactly like a television series.  There will be re-runs in case you missed anything, and there might be a slight pause in between books (or seasons).  

I hope you like this idea…and I hope it works!

Stay awesome!

Dominic (Aul)

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