Rukia sad pic

The chain is cold around her throat.  It is tight and cruel, stubborn and stiff.  She’s tried to pull it off; she’s tried wrenching it from her skin.  But it won’t budge.  She’s trapped.

She knows crying is useless.  But as she lowers her soft, once patient eyes to the chain, she feels like giving up.  And it just happens; her glistening, gentle tears drop dully against the chain around her throat.

She is alone with the chain.  No one else can see it.  No one else knows what she’s going through.  She is alone.  Cold steel with an iron grip is not a companion.  It is her against the chain.


But then she raises her head.  The breeze picking up around her, causing her smooth black hair to rustle, she suddenly feels like she understands something.  And for a moment, her tears stop falling.

She realizes we’re chained by so many things.  Things that we can’t even control.  The chains come from the outside…and the inside.  The worst part is, we aren’t even strong enough to break the chains.  And, most of the time, we’re the ones that chain ourselves.

It’s a struggle.  It’s her struggle.  It’s everyone’s struggle.

That’s when she realizes that we need help.  We need to help each other break our chains.

But she’s alone.  In a way, we’re all alone.  Even when we’re with other people.

So what can she do?  Who will break her chain?  Who will shatter her bonds?  Who will set her free?  Does anyone have the power to do this?

If only she realized.  If only she realized that she’s already been set free.  Her chains have already been broken.  Gripped with such a powerful embrace, the chains couldn’t hold on.  They shattered.  They fell to the ground.  And she was set free.

There’s a scar, yes.  But she shouldn’t let this hold her down.  She shouldn’t let the scar hold her back.

She needs to realize that the struggle is real.  But she’s not alone.  The chains have been broken.  She’s been set free.  And the very hand that broke her chains will also wipe her tears away…

…and hold her…

…until she’s found that place where tears are no more.

“But now that you have been freed from sin and have become slaves of God, the benefit that you have leads to sanctification, and its end is eternal life.”-Romans 6:22

I have nothing more to say.

Stay awesome!

Dom (Aul)



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