6 thoughts on “Why We Love Anime #18”

    1. Absolutely. Not all anime is good and wholesome. I take care not to dabble in those that feature pornographic content, excessive violence or occult themes, etc.

      However, I DO believe that, like all forms of art, anime has the ability to give glory to God. That’s in part what I’m trying to do with my novella series. Overall, the trick is just finding anime that advocate good messages and inspire me to be a better person.

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      1. I am so happy to hear that! I follow several bloggers of the same mindset and try here and there to engage other anime fans (gently) to consider the deeper significance of the content they are watching. I was in Japan in the eighties (yeah I’m old) when child porn was legal (and it was until 2014!!!) and manga/anime was really taking off. I was innocent then and I just thought “Hey if the Japanese like it then It probably is some kind of weird adoration . . Perhaps harmless because the Japanese would never harm a child . . .” I was wrong. My Japanese ex is in prison here on the US. My beautiful daughter put him there. Anyhow I admire greatly your efforts and I’m a genuine blogger that cares about you :).

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      2. That’s insane. It’s bizarre that any country would allow that for so long.
        Your story is sad….I’m sorry to hear that. But it’s good that you’ve been able to pick yourself up and use your knowledge to spread awareness about the harmful effects of porn.
        Thanks for caring 🙂
        God bless!


  1. What concerns do you have about anime culture? I like your approach but I did not find any concerns listed that would help naive parents or children navigate the anime world. It seems like you would be someone who could help.

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    1. Sure, I’d be able to help. I can’t say that I normally write reviews or anything concerning anime…however, I am preparing to write a post or two about the harmful affects of anime, especially in relation to pornography. Overall, I wouldn’t say that the goal of my blog is to help parents or children navigate the anime world…but you are right. I have the capacity to, in at least little ways, so maybe I should!
      Thanks for saying so…seriously.

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