Is Anime Harmful?

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Is anime harmful?  Sure, any form of art can be.  Or it can be used to orchestrate harmful effects.  Movies, books, TV shows, YouTube videos, and even anime—all of these can have negative effects on us.  They can damage or twist our view of life, how we relate to others, and how we feel about ourselves.

Every person has the responsibility to “know himself/herself”, especially when it comes to the experience of art that might have a negative effect on a person.  I think it is only right for us to question whether something is good or bad for us, no matter how much we enjoy it.

So what are the harmful effects of anime?

  • Lots of violence, and “cool” violence, with the heroes even being angry, psychopathic and ultra-powerful people, can make us feel like violence is always the answer.  It can make us feel “violently inclined”.  And it can make us feel like “violence is cool”.
  • Overly emotional characters can make us dramatize things and take things out of perspective.   This can damage or upset how we behave in our relationships with other people.
  • Sexual content.  Pornographic content.  This, above all, is the worst part of anime that can destroy a person.   I know “destroy” is a strong…and I meant it to be.  Pornography, in all its form, will destroy relationships.  It will make us fall in love with fantasies, and then we’ll expect other people to fulfill those fantasies, and then we won’t want other people…we’ll just want pornography.  Pornography poisons you.  It’s a lie.  Don’t let yourself be deceived, and don’t think you can handle it.  If you love the people around you, don’t watch pornographic anime, or pornographic anything.

I’ve listed a few ways that anime is harmful.  It’s important for us to be honest with ourselves: can you think of any other forms of art that are harmful?  And in what ways?

Stay awesome, my dear followers.  And arm yourselves with knowledge!

Dominic (Aul)

4 thoughts on “Is Anime Harmful?”

    1. In general, I’d say no. Maybe the violent and emotional stuff…more so the emotional stuff. As for sexual content, there really isn’t any. But there is some fan service from time to time. It’s definitely one of the purest animes I’ve ever seen though!

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