Just. Write.

Fortune Soul

Sometimes, all you need to do is write.  Sometimes, that’s really what you NEED.

As some of you already know, I’m a home-schooled high school student.  That means that I sit upstairs at my desk for several hours a day doing my school work.  And let me tell you: sometimes that can be pretty boring.

As I write this, I should be doing school work.  But I’m starting to realize that sometimes, we just can’t do the things that we should do…unless we do the things we want to do.  That, or we learn to want to do the things we should do.  Yeah, that’s complicated!

Sometimes, on days like this, when my mind is bored with school, I just need to write.  There’s no other explanation, nothing else that will get the gears rolling.  It takes imagination to do school, and even more to be homeschooled.  Writing is that spark that starts the fire; the fuel for my flames.  I can’t operate unless I have that sense of excitement and imagination that writing gives me.

So I’m writing right now.  Because sometimes, that’s just what you have to do.

Stay awesome!

Dominic (Aul)

8 thoughts on “Just. Write.”

      1. My latest post is actually about how writing has helped me through hard times in my life. Maybe you would like to read it. (Self promo always makes me feel bad. I am sorry)

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      2. Haha I feel you with the self promo stuff…unfortunately, being a self-published author means that I HAVE to try to sell myself if I want anyone to read my books. It’s an unfortunate reality…
        And sure I’ll check it out!

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  1. The times that I always felt most creative and motivated with my novel at university was when I was doing my dissertation. I think that the feeling we shouldn’t be writing kicks off some rebellious nature in writers.

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    1. Huh, I’ve never considered an element of rebelliousness. That’s a good point! I guess if writing helps you feel free, that could definitely tie in.

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  2. For a self-proclaimed “writer” such as myself, the urge to write commonly jumps in and dominates my will to do anything aside from writing. Whether it’s during a lecture, or during a much-needed study session. I personally think that the need to write is as essential to us as the need to drink, eat, or sleep; forcing me to stop whatever I’m working on to write.

    Do I know what I’m going to write? Nope. Will my writing be refined, or contain anything of even slight value? Probably not. However, the need to get these words, thoughts, and ideas out onto paper. To know that those ideas fabricated from the depths of your own creativity are now tangible to others.

    That feeling is one of self-fulfillment and joy.

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    1. Amen.
      That was so well said…I think I’m going to use that as a quote!!! I totally agree with you. Sometimes you just need to…get it out. You need to express yourself, and you need to do it in your way. For me, that “way” is writing. Once again, well said!!

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