Excerpt – Legacy of Truth

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Christy Jackson Nicholas, Author and Artist

Legacy of Truth is set in Ireland around 1800. It’s a prequel to Legacy of Hunger, and the second book in The Druid’s Brooch Series, but it serves as a stand-alone novel as well. It should be on pre-order in May, and published in June 2016.
The following is an excerpt from the novel. The main character, Esme Doherty, is a young woman growing up on her parents’ farm in Ardara, County Donegal, Ireland.

        As she approached the tumbled ring stones, covered in reeds and grasses on the modest hill, she saw Alan, waiting for her. She smiled to see her friend. She treasured her time with Alan even more than her solitude.

Alan was her best friend and closest confidante. He helped out at the farm a lot. Though he was twelve, he was stronger than any of the girls and her father appreciated his help with…

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