Why We Love Anime: Top Ten Pictures

Hey everyone!  So lately, I’ve been posting a “Why We Love Anime” almost daily.

What’s a “Why We Love Anime”?  In case you couldn’t tell from the title, basically all that I do is post a picture that blatantly depicts how awesome anime is, and thus why we love it.  Today, I’m going to show you the pictures you guys Liked the most, in order from least to greatest.

So let’s reflect on how awesome the art of anime is!


Anime hug

Coming in at 10th place we have Why We Love Anime #18.  I love the emotion in this picture; it’s so characteristic of anime!


Brotherhood hug

Coming in 9th place we have Why We Love Anime #10.  Once again, the emotion and the sense of friendship that emanates from this image is so profound.  This is personally one of my favorites because it’s from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, my favorite anime.


happy anime

Coming in 8th place we have Why We Love Anime #20.  This is one of those cute, familial pictures that add a sense of child-likeness to anime.  Child-likeness, not childishness.


intense anime pic

Coming in 7th place we have Why We Love Anime #21.  This picture vividly depicts something we OBVIOUSLY love about anime: it’s epicness!   And “epicness” isn’t even a word!


Tokyo ghoul pic

Coming in 6th place we have Why We Love Anime #22.  The fantasy feel and sense of sheer, determined power makes this picture an apt depiction of the thrillingness of anime.  “Thrillingness”…yet another word that doesn’t exist!


Beautiful anime pic

Coming in 5th place we have Why We Love Anime #24.  For obvious reasons, this is one of the most Liked images.  It’s beautiful, simply put.  Everything is in it’s proper place.


Attack on Titan pic

Coming in 4th place we have Why We Love Anime #2.  Okay, undeniably this is one of the coolest pictures ever!  The sense of motion, of intensity and magnificence are so evident that it’s no wonder this image was one of your favorites!



Coming in 3rd place we have Why We Love Anime #23.  Although it’s a simple image…it’s also not.  The lucidity, the sense of wonder and amazement at the beauty of the universe…it’s a humbling, God-praising picture.


SAO pic

Coming in 2nd place we have Why We Love Anime #8.  I think I know why this picture came in second place…it’s just got so much swag!  Everyone loves a douse of boss-sauce!



Coming in 1st place we have Why We Love Anime #1.   How fitting it is that #1 is #1!

This picture got the most Likes out of any.  To explain why, I’m going to quote what I said when I originally posted this picture.

First of all, I love this image.   It beautifully depicts what love looks like.  You can see how both Emiya (the boy) and Saber (the girl) are giving of themselves to each other.  Emiya is obviously giving himself entirely to Saber; he doesn’t even have the strength to stand.  His lifeless body is falling into her.  And she’s receiving him.  Both of them are covered in Emiya’s blood, embracing each other through the blood.  Love exists even through the pain.  That’s exactly how love between a man and a woman should like.

And look at the scenery around them.  What’s flying around in the sky? Crows.  Maybe vultures.  Either way, both of those birds are symbols for evil and death.  But look at Saber’s face.  Even though they are seemingly surrounded by evil, the sky dark and the world decaying around them, they are both at peace.  Because they’re holding each other, and real love exists between them.

I don’t know who drew this, but I tip my hat to you!

This is just another reason as to Why We Love Anime!

My dear followers, enjoy these pictures!

All art has the capacity to praise God.  And I believe anime can do that too.  That’s what I’m attempting to do with my book series.  I hope you can agree!

Stay awesome!

Dominic (Aul)

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