3 Tips to Becoming a Better Blogger

Okay, I know that I can’t say too much on this topic, considering that The Golden Lands is by no means a “popular” blog.  But I have been blogging for a decent amount of time, and I’ve learned some tricks here and there about how to create a vibrant blogging community.

So let’s talk about blogging…

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Tip #1: Kindle (or rekindle) the Flame

As bloggers, there are some questions that we need to ask ourselves:

What does blogging mean to me?  What am I trying to accomplish by blogging?  What course of action do I need to take to reach this accomplishment?

The answers to these questions will decide what kind of blogger you are.  Also, reminding yourself of these answers will enable you to persevere as a blogger and as a writer.  Sometimes we need to rediscover what it is we want from writing.

This tip relates closely to the next one, which is…

Tip #2: Love What You Write

This is by far one of the most helpful tips I’ve ever received, and I’d like to pass it on to you.  I know it might seem like an obvious tip, but that doesn’t make it untrue or less helpful.  If you don’t love what you write, chances are no one else will either!

Believe me, people can feel when a writer is bored with his/her own writing.  If you don’t like whatever you write about, then change!  This is your blog; you can write about whatever the heck you want.  Don’t feel like you are permanently bound to one particular topic or genre of blogging.  Just blog about what you want to blog about!  Sure, if you say that you’re blog is for displaying art, people might have certain expectations, and they might be surprised if you start blogging about Shakespeare…but, once again, it’s your blog!

Tip #3: Share the Love

If everyone is blogging for selfish purposes, no one will be happy.  No one will have a popular blog.  Blogging is only half of being a good blogger; you have to read and engage in other people’s work if you want to establish a community.  I’m not saying you need to read blogs that you don’t like, just for the sake of establishing a community.  In fact, don’t do that at all!  Find that corner of the blogosphere where like-minded writers are hiding, and start making connections.

One of the greatest ways to create a great blogging community is to comment on someone else’s blog.  Commenting really shows that you care and that you’re actually paying attention to what someone wrote.  It’s easy to click the “Like” button and move on, but it takes effort to comment.  Don’t be a selfish blogger.  Love what you write about, and show some love for other peoples’ blogs!

I hope you can benefit from these tips.   I know they are short and simple, but there’s no need for them to be complex!

Stay awesome!

Dominic (Aul)

Like me as a blogger? Like the way I write?
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26 thoughts on “3 Tips to Becoming a Better Blogger”

  1. I couldn’t agree with this more. There has to be a reason why it is you write. If you can’t find a reason for why it is you blog, maybe your heart doesn’t belong in this. Because the moment you don’t achieve certain expectations you will automatically quit because there is nothing there holding you to this. Great post!

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  2. Sounds like simple enough advice. I must admit one of the most interesting things I’ve come across since starting my blog has been other peope who are blogging about similar content and being able to join in a much larger conversation about the things I love.

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    1. I agree. It took me a long time to finally start reaching fellow anime bloggers, but now that I have, blogging has definitely become way more rewarding. Networking and finding your community is everything.


  3. Wow you really hit the nail on the head! Passion needs to be the motivator of writing and purpose has to drive one’s work. Otherwise, for what reason do we write? As a side note, I would also suggest to everyone to only “Like” the posts that you actually care about and leave a comment that explains exactly what you liked about it! In my experiences, the simple “Like” button doesn’t have any real weight unless it is backed by a personal note.

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    1. I definitely feel ya with that last statement. “Liking” a post should be backed by a REASON for “Liking” it. And the obvious way for explaining that reason is by commenting.


      1. Recently I have started my blog before I had no idea what the blog world is all about. Thought that this the best platform to express one’s feelings and share knowledge. Hence started writing….that’s all !!
        But now I feel there’s a lot to learn ….
        Do visit my blog and let me know how you feel. Looking forward for your feedback…

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      2. I have started my blog recently before that I had no idea what the blog world is all about. Thought that this is a best platform to express my feelings and share knowledge. But now I feel there’s a lot to learn about.
        Do visit my blog and let me know how do you feel about it.
        Looking forward for your feedback…

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      3. I checked your blog out. Just a few thoughts to consider:

        1) I like the things you blog about. You write about thought-provoking things, and this can be great for building an audience.

        2) However, you should really proofread what you write. There’s a lot of extra spaces…”meaning like th is”. I can also spot a few grammatical errors. Although none of this is the end of the world, your blog will be more appealing to others if you proofread and edit what you publish.

        3) Overall, for just being a “beginner”, I think you’re doing a great job! You seem to have a very active and engaged audience for only having 81 followers! Just keep in heading in the same direction, and be CONSISTENT with how much you write, and you’ll get what you want out of blogging.

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      4. Thank you so much for such a genuine feedback and words of encouragement.Definitely I will work upon these things ……looking forward for your coming posts.
        Would also like to read your series as soon as possible.

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      5. Nothing that can’t be fixed by a little proofreading! You don’t do it super often, just a little. Which is fine, because it happens to everyone!

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