Want a Free Book?

Uh, who doesn’t?

Great news!  The newest book in my series, Volume 5:  Kiilda is still free at Smashwords.com.  Click here to download your free copy!

I know that it might seem weird jumping into the fifth book of a series.  But go ahead.  Volume 5 starts a new “arc” in my series, The Golden Lands.  You can start there and still enjoy the series.

So go ahead.  Don’t be shy.  Go ahead.  Click it.  It will be awesome.

What’s Volume 5 about?  Here’s the description:

Locked in a fight to the death in the subworld of Kiilda, John Hedekira’s only option is to defeat Kiilda if he ever wants to see his little sister again. Meanwhile, Faith is quickly forming a friendship with Tarsh Landid. But when Castrum Fortress is surrounded by the Brown Bandits, it looks like the only thing that will satisfy them is the former “Ghost of Hedekira” (Tarsh Landid)…whether he’s dead or alive!

Red Volume 5

Stay awesome, my dear followers!

Dominic (Aul)

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