When You Finish the 6th Book of Your Fantasy Series…

When you finish the 6th book of your fantasy series…it’s time to start blogging again!

I know, I know….shame on me for not blogging!  I really should’ve been keeping up with blogging, even though I was focused on writing my story.  I could’ve done both, I just got lazy.

Like that’s never happened before! (Sarrrrrrcasm)

Well, here’s the good news: (At least for a little while, until I get lazy again) I’m back!

Here’s the cover of Volume 6 to regenerate some hype!


Artwork was done and continues to be done by my awesome sister.  The cover for Volume 7 will be coming out soon!

Like me as a blogger? Like the way I write?
Believe me, my books are way better than this post. If you really want to see the best I can do, check out my fantasy/anime series “The Golden Lands”. The first volume is free as an eBook (click here), or you can just read it in the form of “episodes” right here on my blog! Go to my page Embark on the Journey: Volume 1 Episodes for a complete list of episodes. I also post episodes every week, so look for them if you really want to experience the best I’ve got!


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