To Live The Dream


When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing that comes into your head? What do you look forward to each day? What inspires you to rise?

As authors or bloggers seeking publicity, we all wake up each day, hoping that today will be better than yesterday. We have goals we are constantly pursuing, and we want to believe that each day, we are getting closer to those goals. HOPEFULLY, every day starts with hope.

So don’t let that hope be for nothing.

I am writing this to inspire you, but also to inspire myself. Don’t believe that anything can stop you, and nothing will. If your goal is to become a better blogger, don’t let your doubts get in the way. If you want to become a world famous author, why let the “odds” stop you? Life isn’t about gaining. It’s about giving something, and giving FOR something or someone. The funny thing is though, it’s only by giving that we are truly able to gain.

What are you willing to give to reach your goals?

I am a doubtful person. I am far from optimistic. I’ve had too much training in critical thinking and logic. Obviously, that can be a good thing. But when it comes to pursuing your dreams?

Screw logic. Screw the odds. Logic only exists because of mystery, because there are some things we CAN’T see coming or explain.  And odds were made to be turned.

Shatter the odds, upset the logic that says “you can’t”.

Tell yourself, “I can”, and then go do it.



image is not mine

It doesn’t matter how tired you are.  You still have to do it.  It’s more than just a hobby, it’s more than relaxation; it’s a discipline.  It’s an art.  And art requires practice and dedication.  You can’t just do it “when you’re in the mood”.  Because what if your mood doesn’t change for a few days?  A week?  A month?


You don’t need to write because you want to.  You need to write because you have to.  Life isn’t about doing whatever we want.  It’s about what we should do.  The key is to learn to love what we should do: to Want the Should.

Challenge yourself today and every day.  Write.  Not because you always want to, but because you realize–in order to reach your goals as a writer–you have to.  The dedication will help you in more ways than just your writing.  Trust me.

Cheers to writing!

What do you think?

Elithius 1.0


Elithius is the new name of my fantasy series, which was previously called “The Golden Lands”.   “The Golden Lands” sounds too happy and peaceful, when, in reality, the story is a dark, fast-paced tale of vengeance, destiny, and supernatural powers.  Elithius is also the name of the universe in which the Golden Lands reside, and I thought that “Elithius” was a cooler, more epic name for my series.  So it all makes sense 😉

What’s the plot of Elithius?

Here’s my logline:

John Hedekira and his friends must track and rescue Cassie and Luke, John’s little sister and brother, before they can be taken and sacrificed to the God of Death by Nirak, the Red Captain.

Well, that’s the general plot of the first book.  Maybe that sounds too simple of a story, but there are plenty of obstacles in the way of John and his friends.  They have to fight the minions of the God of Death, John is being hunted by a serial killer, and the clock is ticking, hanging over their heads, a constantly reminding them that if they don’t save Cassie and Luke in time…well, then Cassie and Luke will be sacrificed to the God of Death.

I will admit, maybe the plot sounds a little TOO dark.  But the story has too many feel-good and silly moments for the overall FEEL to be dark and disturbing.  The plot is…intense, yes, but that doesn’t mean the story is some horrifying form of fantasy.

There’s still a lot of work to be done before I can present Elithius as a full-fledged novel.  I’m excited to reedit my work and get a new cover; my series is getting a total makeover!  It should be awesome by the time it’s finished 😉

Thoughts?  What do you think of my log-line?



The clear morning air mixes with the soft mist of the stream.  Golden rays of the rising sun shyly pass through the leaves overhead and, amid the shade on the ground, dancing patches of vibrant light seem to sway back in forth as the trees are rustled by the whispering breeze.  The water of the stream moves smoothly over and around the rocks which fill the creek, their contact resulting in a gentle, bubbly laugh.  The noise is so serene, you wonder if it is really the sound of children playing nearby.

And you realize, after contemplating all of this, after feeling the water rushing over your hand, as you listen to the songbird sing without fear or interruption, as the sun washes you, gently telling you it’s another day…

…you realize that creation is an amazing thing.

It’s a beautiful world.

Good morning from Elithius/The Golden Lands!  Hope you have a great weekend!

Half A Million Marching On D.C.

Not many people even know that there is a March for Life every January.  Hardly any news or media sources ever cover it, because it’s “unpopular”, so I’ve decided to.

Over half a million people attend each year, men, women and children alike.  The cause?  Ever since the infamous decision of Roe Vs. Wade in 1973, abortion was legalized in the United States.  Half a million people in Washington D.C. alone, not including the march that occurs in San Francisco, peacefully protest for the Supreme Court to overthrow Roe Vs. Wade.


We believe that life is sacred from conception to natural death, and this deeply includes the life of a child during the earliest stages of his or her life.  We believe that a “person is a person, no matter how small”, and that “our worth is not based on circumstances, but in our shared humanity.”

We have nothing against the rights of women, and the right to privacy of a woman’s body.   Nothing at all, in fact.  Many great women are supporters of the pro-life movement (can you argue with Mother Teresa?).  The problem is, we believe (or know) that we aren’t talking about the body of the mother, when it comes to abortion.  The body in question is the baby’s.  Women don’t have two heads, two hearts, and eight limbs during pregnancy.  The baby is attached to the uterus, and his/her cells have their own genetic code/DNA.  We aren’t talking about the body of the woman/mother, who DOES have a right to her body.  But that woman/mother should NOT have the right to kill and dispose of the body of her child, who is another human being.

I know there are cases of abortion where the line between right and wrong seems to get blurry.  “What if a woman is raped?  Don’t you have any sympathy for her?”

Yes, absolutely.  In fact, I don’t think it would be right to condemn a mother who was in a desperate situation, without anyone to help her, and she chose to have an abortion.  But that doesn’t make abortion right; it doesn’t mean you can kill a completely helpless, innocent person.  Abortion is objectively evil, even if it is sometimes subjectively understandable…unfortunately, that still doesn’t make it OK.

I understand why some people view abortion as a “necessary evil”.  But that’s why SO many people in the pro-life movement are there to help mothers in need.  Whereas Planned-Parenthood doesn’t offer women any true assistance or prenatal care (if you don’t believe me, just call PP!), there are plenty of Crisis Pregnancy Centers where women are given the help they need.  Adoption is an option, too!

There is a need for change in America, and that’s why we march.  Babies need us!


What do you think? Also, if you disagree with this article, let’s have an intellectual DISCUSSION, not a biased rant where we attack each other.

You Won’t be able to “Write for a Living” Until You Need Writing to Live


Writing to live, in the end, turns out to be an “all or nothing” endeavor, because it just won’t happen otherwise.  If you don’t put everything into your writing, into reaching your goal, you won’t ever reach it.  Nothing will be given to you.

If you try to publish traditionally, you’ll have to put everything into your writing through a contract.  Perhaps traditional publishing seems like an easier form of “all or nothing”, considering that “all or nothing” gets decided by your publishing company.  But it still requires your time, your heart, and your mind.

We self-publishing authors also know that we have to go “all out” if we want our writing to make it big time.  This is both the blessing and the curse of self-publishing.  In a way, like a big publishing house, we personally decide what “all or nothing” is.  But unless we are willing to spend buckets of our time (and even money!) promoting our story, networking, advertising, and networking even more, we’ll never make it big time.

And isn’t that what every author wants?   To have readers everywhere appreciating their work?

The bottom line is simple: if you want to write for a living, you need to make writing your life.  Are there any guarantees that your hard work will pay off?  No.  That’s what makes this endeavor scary.

Like I said, it’s all or nothing.  Are you willing to go the distance, knowing that you might not ever make it?

Are you willing to try?

Recently, I cancelled the self-publication of my series, The Golden Lands.  I needed to do some serious editing and “remodeling”.  Why?  Because it’s a necessary step to “going the distance”.  In order to gain ground, I am retreating on purpose.

I would encourage you to ask yourself some of the following questions:

Is my story where it needs to be?

What’s holding me back from promoting my story?  Are these reasons legitimate?

Am I not letting go of certain nuances in my story, simply because I’m personally attached to them?

How can I network better and reach out to readers?  Do I even want to try?

How much does my writing mean to me?   Who are some people I could reach out to for help in promoting my writing?

As aspiring world-famous authors, we need to work together to help each other achieve his or her goals.  Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated!  Please share your knowledge or your publishing experiences!

What do you think?

Writing Doesn’t Pay


To my fellow bloggers, aspiring authors, and self-published authors:

It’s the truth, and it’s frustrating.  No one pays you to write.  No one pays you for being creative, or for working hard at what you love, to become better and better until you’re the best you can possibly be.  We spend minutes, hours, days, perfecting our craftsmanship of writing.  We carefully build and chisel every sentence until our writing sounds and looks exactly the way we want it to.  In our own little world, the world that we create, everything is going according to plan.

And hardly anyone else will ever know about it.

There’s something about being a writer that seems incredibly depressing and lonely, if you really stop to think about it.

We can have god-like creativity; we erect mountains, dig valleys, create cultures, carefully craft every facet of our own made-up society; we pour every bit of our own identity into our writing, and we would just DIE for someone to notice it.

And then no one does.

Other stories suddenly seem unworthy in our eyes.  “My idea is better,” we think.  Or “This person’s writing sucks.”  In a world where every author is fighting for attention, how can we not grow competitive?

I don’t know what the point of this post is.  Perhaps it is just to express and share my feelings with other bloggers (and I KNOW you’re out there).  I’m not trying to dampen anyone’s mood.

The truth is, every author must cultivate hope.  That’s the only way we can finish what we started; that’s the only way we can reach the goals we want.

Do you mind if I quote something I wrote in a story, back in 2013?

“You’re right.  You cannot do anything.  You are powerless.  I was powerless.  There was nothing that I could have done to save you by my own strength.  But power and strength, inner power and strength, are not things that can be created by man.  These must be given to him.  Even as a man, at the height of your physical strength, your own power isn’t enough to save this world from destruction.  Your own power cannot save the life of one woman, even one that you hold dear.  You are human, Earyis, and as am I.  But in this world, hope is not lost.  Hope—” Terren shook his head, sighing with evident stress and anxiety, as if remembering something horrible or difficult he had experienced “—hope must be surrendered to.  You have no strength, no power, so you must surrender yourself to the hope that it will be given.  Aid will come, and even in your darkest hours, when you cannot find the light, when it should be breaking through the clouds, or shining on the horizon, but it does not, you must hope that it will come…For without hope, Earyis, there is only despair, and where there is despair, there is death.”

-The Dawn of Despair

Cheers to hope!  Feel free to vent your own blogging/writing struggles in the comments!

Cancellation of Self-Publication…For Now


You could call it “cancellation”.  The truth is, my story is going to come off the grid for a little while.  There’s some rebuilding that should be done; rebuilding that needs to happen.  I’m still going to blog.  I’m still going to be around.  But my story needs a bit of a makeover.

So, for the time being, I am cancelling the self-publication of my fantasy series.

I hope you can understand, and that none of you are too disappointed.  That being said, any and all advice as to how I can market my book better in the future would be greatly appreciated!  I need to get better at networking in order to become a better self-published author.  My book-covers need to look more professional.  And the story-line needs a bit of revising.  I am even changing the title of the series!  And since I have maintained all of the rights to my book, I can make such revisions to my series as I please.

I’m sure that all of you, my fellow authors and bloggers, can understand where I’m coming from.  Sometimes we need to take a step back.  A lot of people thought my series was great…and maybe it is.

Well…it’s time to make it better.



Forget and Not Slow Down

Recently, Kristen Lamb wrote a post on her blog about how attitude effects everything we do as writers.  If you want to become a world-famous author, you have to leave behind all of your doubts and develop a winning attitude.  A winning attitude means that you’re going to persevere.  A winning attitude will help you climb to the top, and not worry about falling; and even better, it will help you pick yourself back up, no matter how many times you face rejection.

Anyone who is trying to make it big time in the self-publishing industry (like yours truly), needs to have this virtue of perseverance.  I will openly admit, first and foremost, that I do not have this virtue yet.  I’ve given up so many times before; I’ve fostered the idea that no one will ever want to read my books, that becoming popular is too hard.

The truth is, all of your doubts only carry as much truth as you put in to them.

If you’ve been following my blog for a long time, you’ve probably recognized that I go through “phases”.  Sometimes I will seem like an avid blogger, and then other times I won’t even exist.  It’s bad, and it needs to stop.  Consistency is everything in blogging, in writing, and just in life.  And that’s what I need to work on.  I know I’ve said all of this before, but if I don’t say it again, I won’t ever reach that point where I am finally consistent.

Do you also struggle with consistency?   Do you have any plans for remaining consistent with your blog/writing?

Cheers to another phase…only may it be a phase that doesn’t end!

Note: Blog Name is Still “The Golden Lands”

Just to avoid some confusion: for a brief time, I renamed my blog “Elithius”.  “Elithius” is going to be the new name of my book series, but not my blog.  Elithius is the name of the world in which my characters live, so I thought I would name my series after it.  The Golden Lands still exist inside Elithius; thus, it’s okay for me to keep the same name for my blog.  (Everything is still related!)

Thanks for understanding, sorry for the confusion!