Cancellation of Self-Publication…For Now


You could call it “cancellation”.  The truth is, my story is going to come off the grid for a little while.  There’s some rebuilding that should be done; rebuilding that needs to happen.  I’m still going to blog.  I’m still going to be around.  But my story needs a bit of a makeover.

So, for the time being, I am cancelling the self-publication of my fantasy series.

I hope you can understand, and that none of you are too disappointed.  That being said, any and all advice as to how I can market my book better in the future would be greatly appreciated!  I need to get better at networking in order to become a better self-published author.  My book-covers need to look more professional.  And the story-line needs a bit of revising.  I am even changing the title of the series!  And since I have maintained all of the rights to my book, I can make such revisions to my series as I please.

I’m sure that all of you, my fellow authors and bloggers, can understand where I’m coming from.  Sometimes we need to take a step back.  A lot of people thought my series was great…and maybe it is.

Well…it’s time to make it better.



5 thoughts on “Cancellation of Self-Publication…For Now”

  1. I think if your intuition tells you that these changes are the right thing to do, then they are! It’s so important to ‘listen to your gut’ in writing and blogging; I truly think it has the potential to improve whatever you are working on. That being said, it does take a lot of courage to revisit something you believed to be – or hoped was – finished and “re-open” it so to speak. Best of luck!!

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    1. Thanks Sherina! That means a lot. You’re absolutely right, re-opening my story is going to be scary. But I’ve gotta listen to my gut. Thanks for the encouragement…seriously!

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