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It doesn’t matter how tired you are.  You still have to do it.  It’s more than just a hobby, it’s more than relaxation; it’s a discipline.  It’s an art.  And art requires practice and dedication.  You can’t just do it “when you’re in the mood”.  Because what if your mood doesn’t change for a few days?  A week?  A month?


You don’t need to write because you want to.  You need to write because you have to.  Life isn’t about doing whatever we want.  It’s about what we should do.  The key is to learn to love what we should do: to Want the Should.

Challenge yourself today and every day.  Write.  Not because you always want to, but because you realize–in order to reach your goals as a writer–you have to.  The dedication will help you in more ways than just your writing.  Trust me.

Cheers to writing!

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Write.”

  1. I totally agree with this.. its like an emotional commitment that leaves you unbearably guilty if you haven’t written for a few days!
    My mind has been clogged and ive struggled greatly to think of some content and ended up with writing “Shangri-La” I can totally relate to this!
    Great post! ✌

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you got something out of it.
      I’d say that one of the struggles of writing is that it IS an intense emotional commitment, which means that we feel like we need emotion to write. And that makes sense! But it’s important to write even when you don’t have emotion, otherwise, nothing will ever happen! You can’t revise a blank page 😉
      Thanks again!


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