Elithius 1.1


Elithius is the fantasy universe I created; it’s also the name of my book series.  Elithius, as a universe, is home to three races: men (who are called Knights), women (who are called Beloved),  and “Evil” (who are called Malam).  It is also home to three worlds, which are connected by portals: The Golden Lands, the Gray Lands, and the Dark Lands.

I created the Golden Lands to be a sort of “Hobbiton” or “Shire”, maybe even a “Tatooine”.  You know, a safe, happy place, where people live in a magical world, but unaffected by any dark sides to that magical-ness.  That being said, the Golden Lands is far from perfect.   It’s SUPPOSED to be a place of “light, happiness, and peace”.  There are virtually no individual nations, no boundaries; wealth and property is meant to be shared.  It is a place of “harmonious anarchy”.

Image result for epic golden forest

But then we see how Evil are beginning to infiltrate the Golden Lands.  We see that this world isn’t so perfect after all.  Children are still neglected and abandoned by their parents.  There are still bullies.  There are still lascivious boys and girls.  The Golden Lands aren’t really so great after all.  This is where the story of Elithius begins.

The Gray Lands, as a singular world, is basically like a massive war zone.  It’s where the forces of light and dark collide (thus the name “gray”).  The number of Evil in the Gray Lands challenges the number of humans.  The Gray Lands is steeped in characters with magical/supernatural abilities, which they’ve developed for the purpose of combating the Evil.  It’s in the Gray Lands that the greater part of Elithius takes place, since there’s so much conflict and action abounding in this world.  It’s always cloudy in the Gray Lands, and there’s nothing exciting or serene about the scenery.

Image result for dull, gray sky
the image is not mine

Not much is known about the Dark Lands (also called “Night”).  No smart human ventures there.  This is where the Evil seem to come from, and this is also where the Evil seem to take humans that they capture.  The darkest and most powerful of Evil, the “Ultra Malam”, rarely exit the Dark Lands (fortunately for the people of the Gray Lands!), simply because they hate being in the light.  But when things get bad in the Gray Lands, and the battles get intense…well, you can expect a few Ultra Malam to show up.

Image result for dark evil place
this image is not mine, but it does a good job representing both the feel of the Dark Lands, and the feel of Ultra Malam!

I thought this was a cool set-up for my fantasy world because it enabled me to have everything I wanted.  I could have places of peace, where the peace could be destroyed.  I could have places where the world was war-ridden.  And I could have places where only the darkest of monsters thrived.

Three worlds all in one universe!  Seemed like a good plan 😉

What do you think of the “layout” of Elithius?  All thoughts and opinions are welcome!

7 thoughts on “Elithius 1.1”

  1. Hi there,
    Your settings definitely caught my attention. Have you read A Darker Shade of Magic? The author also uses three worlds– Don’t worry, they don’t sound too similar– it reminds me of that. Can the races travel between the worlds easily? How does one end up living in the Golden Land vs. the Gray Land? What sort of havoc do the Evils wreak? I’d say all these questions are a good sign: I’m curious to learn more!

    Good luck!

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    1. Wow! That was basically the response that every author wants!
      I haven’t read A Darker Shade of Magic! But I will definitely be checking it out. Sounds like the author was a smart guy 😉

      Can races travel between worlds easily? My next post is actually going to be about that. The answer is absolutely NOT. Except for the Evil, who enter the portals and are able to pass through unharmed.

      Once you enter the portal that takes you from one world to the next, you are immediately transported to a “world in-between worlds”, or a “subworld”. This subworld is called Kiilda, and it is inhabited by an undead demon, who is also called Kiilda. In order to pass from one world to the next, you’d have to enter the portal, defeat Kiilda (the demon), and only then would you be able to enter another realm. That being said, once you defeat Kiilda, you never have to fight It again, and you can pass through the portals in the same way that the Evil do.

      How does one end up living in the Golden Lands vs. the Gray Lands? It depends on where you were born, to be honest. Or if you’re willing to fight Kiilda in order to cross between worlds.

      What sort of havoc do the Evil wreak? Excellent question, because that is the plot of the entire series! The Evil wreak havoc by invading villages/cities and capturing humans, who they will sacrifice to the God of Death. The main character of the series, John Hedekira, has to rescue his little brother and sister before this can happen.

      I’m glad to see that you’re so interested! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow! And if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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  2. It sounds pretty cool. I like both what you said in the post and what you said in reply to Becca. I think Elithius sounds like a fun world to write in.

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    1. Thanks! It is a fun world to write in. Three worlds allows for a lot of creativity; there’s a lot less restriction. And it also allows for lots more adventure, because each world is full of it’s own problem and mysteries.

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