How To Earn Followers…and How NOT to Earn Them

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Some people claim that they really don’t care how many followers they have.  And that’s great!  Because, if all you care about is the number of followers you have, it’s easy to get depressed.  If I was only concerned with having a big following…I’d quit!

That being said, I think we can agree (especially my fellow self published authors out there!) that we would all like to be popular.  We would like to be like that OTHER blogger, who has 10,000+ followers.

So…how do we reach such a goal?

The answer is actually ridiculously simple and obvious: you need to write.

And you need to publish well-written, attractive posts.

Although I’m sure you can reason WHY this is the answer, I’m going to state it for you.  This method of publishing attractive posts works because 1) publishing posts is the only way you have the POSSIBILITY of getting seen 2) if your posts are seen, they are more likely to be read (duh) and 3) if people read your posts, maybe they’ll follow you.

The logic is elementary, my dear friends.

So in order to get followers, the only real way to do this is to write.

Attractive Posts

Attractive…like Aragorn 😉

What would I consider to be an “attractive” post?  First, it should have a good title, something that can be meaningful to anyone.  And not an “inside joke” title, or something that only you and your “close followers” really understand.  Be practical.  Titles make a difference.

Pictures.  Pictures are important for breaking up text and adding some beauty, silliness, quirk, etc. to your posts.  They are able to draw people in…thus the “attractive” part.

I’ve honestly noticed that a few of my followers are suckers for images containing beautiful, magical scenery (I mean, who isn’t, but…).  So, I do my best to satisfy those followers and give them what they want! You know who you are 😉

So pictures are important from a visual point of view; on that note, I think it’s worthwhile to mention that your posts should have small paragraphs.  No one likes reading huge, block paragraphs.  It hurts your eyes, requires too much concentration, etc.

And lastly, make sure you have an informal writing style, with a dash of wit!  No one likes reading a ton of big words and lofty prose.  Shakespeare lived in the 1500s; don’t forget that.  Save the vocabulary and intricate prose for STORIES, not casual posts (like this one).

Unattractive Posts

tired squidward
Unattractive…like Squidward

Okay, so all of those things make for an attractive post…but what makes for an UN-attractive post?  What will turn off your followers, or make people roll their eyes at you?

Posting too much about your own personal writing endeavors.

Now I would know firsthand that this is a terrible way both to gain and keep followers interested, because I used to do this!  All I would do is write these short little posts, pitching my story constantly, basically nagging people into liking my ideas.  And you know what?  It DIDN’T WORK.

Because no one wants to be constantly listening to you promote yourself.  In the end, you sound like a self-centered jerk, who is…well, self-centered.

Okay, I get it: obviously, you SHOULD post about your personal endeavors from time to time.  Your followers SHOULD care about your endeavors; otherwise, they aren’t good followers.  But don’t make personal endeavors the focus.  Write about things that people can appreciate for THEIR OWN sake, not for YOURS.  Once they actually care about you, your writing, and your blog, then they will care about your personal writing endeavors.

Another thing that will get on people’s nerves: spamming them with comments and likes, just so that they will check out your blog in return.

It goes something like this: “Hey!   Your blog is great!  I like how you’re writing a book.  I’m writing a book too.  You should come check it out!  Thanks!”


This technique CAN be successful (because I used to do this too!), but it doesn’t gain you followers that actually care.  And, let’s face it, having someone like ten of your posts, only to post a comment like that, shows you how LITTLE they care, and how fake their Likes are.   In the end, it’s kind of offensive.

So don’t do that either 🙂

The best way to gain followers is to write attractive posts, and be courteous.  Be honest.  Read OTHER people’s posts, and be proactive.  Comment thoughtfully, not for personal gain.  Create a good, clean, healthy atmosphere, and it will pay off.  Follow who you WANT to follow, not out of pity or obligation.  Otherwise, will you really be following them?

What do you think?




21 thoughts on “How To Earn Followers…and How NOT to Earn Them”

  1. Would also like to add ..
    Being friendly making constant appearances on your few favourite blogs, constructive genuine feedback and just being a loyal reader too would get you followers!

    I personally prefer following blogs of the people who are supportive towards my writings more than blogs which actually have good posts with owners who never comment or respond!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes I would agree! Being present to other people will often earn you loyal readers in return.
      I think it’s good to follow the bloggers of your loyal followers. That being said, I am personally committed to hard core honesty, meaning that I only read and engage blogs that I am actually interested. So, if you are a loyal follower, but you blog about puppy health, I won’t actively follow you, because that would be dishonest: puppy health doesn’t interest me enough! I think you get the point. There needs to be a healthy balance between honoring your loyal followers, and honoring a sense of honesty to yourself and your interests.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely! I totally get it.. I do have a few loyal buds who write about stuff that doesn’t interest me.. I occasionally drop a comment on some post that is relatable. Your example though.. 😄 puppy health!

        Liked by 2 people

  2. This is great advice! I totally agree with what you said! We need to make our post interesting and relatable to everyone, not just post about ourselves. I always try to do that with my blog, and so far it as paid off for me =)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hi!!! I missed your blog-related posts so much! 😄 I think this is the most honest, most frank blogging help kind of post that I’ve read for a long time. And honestly it’s a great refresher even to those who have been blogging for a while *raises hand*
    Whenever I write something personal, I try to see if my readers could gain anything other than entertainment from it. And I’m also practicing on maintaining the voice of my blog.
    I agree with the spamming but I’m also guilty of following bloggers who did that in my blog. I’ve got a lot to work on so thanks for this reminder 😊
    PS. I wanted to argue Squidward’s innate attractiveness but… you’re right.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw, well thank you! That’s such a wonderful compliment!
      To be honest, so many of these blog-related posts are for me as much as they are for my followers. I need a refresher too; I’m just pulling it out from within.
      I’m glad you took something away from this!

      PS. I needed to pick on somebody, and that picture of Squidward was just too perfect! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I think it’s effective, pulling topics out from within. They did say that if you’re bothered or interested at something, there’s bound to be! other people who are bothered or interested at the same thing too 🙂

        PS. Exactly! It’s so hard to feel sorry for him when he really is too perfect for it 😄

        Liked by 1 person

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