Cover Description!!


As I mentioned yesterday, the cover of my first book has finally been finished!


All credit goes to Elizabeth M., who happens to run a blog over at

Elizabeth, as is evident by the image above, is an excellent artist.  She’s just beginning her career as a cover/character/anything-you-want designer.  Aside from being skilled and disciplined, Elizabeth is EXTREMELY patient.  She knows how to listen and take corrections (or enforce her own).  I don’t know if she’s quite ready to receive a torrent of requests right now, but if you ever want a cover for your book, or if you would like your book to be illustrated (she does children’s books, too!) I would highly recommend her!  You can contact her here:

Right, on to the description!


I would ask you to take another good look at the cover.  Notice the light as it falls through the trees, look at the thick, luscious grass.  The picture perfectly captures the feel of the Golden Lands.  It’s pretty.  It’s peaceful.  It’s even magical.  Come on, let’s be honest, you could fall in love in this place!  Or maybe you could die peacefully here.  Or maybe, this is what heaven looks like after you die!

That’s how the Golden Lands is supposed to feel.

So…why is there a determined, angry-looking kid standing there with a sword?

That kid is John Hedekira, the main character of Elithius.  Other than looking like a boss, he’s not really doing anything.  But what’s the point of a book cover?  It’s to make you feel or understand something about the story.  How does John make you feel?  What do you think his appearance is saying about the story?

Maybe…he’s angry about something.  Maybe he has a sword because things actually aren’t as great in the Golden Lands as we would think.

That sounds a lot like life, doesn’t it?  Nothing is ever quite as perfect as it seems.  The world might look beautiful and wonderful, but oftentimes, it’s not a wonderful place.

What makes the Golden Land a not-so-nice place?

“Well, start reading the book and you’ll find out!”

And that’s the point of the book cover 😉

Thanks for all the support!  Hope you guys are excited!  Once again, great job Elizabeth!

8 thoughts on “Cover Description!!”

  1. Awesome cover-your friend did a great job! It’s cool how much thought you put into the design; it really makes you want to read what’s inside.

    Liked by 1 person

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