Grow Up

Emiya fall

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid for doing what you love?  If you didn’t have to worry at all about money, because your dream took care of all that?

You’re not relying on a job.

Not on your parents.

Not on even charity (taking God out of the equation).

You’re relying just on your dream.

We can see the ways in which this would happen…we can imagine it…maybe even taste it.  But then it hits us: well, that’s just a dream…or is it?

You know what I think?

What do you think?

I don’t want to dream anymore.

Huh?  Why?  Dreaming is great!  Dreaming keeps you going!  If you don’t dream, life will be boring.  Life will cease to be exciting.  To not dream is to give up!

No, you’re wrong.



“the pleasure of a dream is that it’s a fantasy.  If it becomes real, it was never a dream”-Fullmetal Alchemist


Yeah.  “Oh.”  That quote from Fullmetal Alchemist has always been meaningful to me.  It hit me hard when I heard it, the same way it hit the protagonist of FMA.  I don’t want to dream if I want my dream to become real.  Because then it won’t be a fantasy.  It won’t be a dream then.  It will be REAL.

And I WANT it to be real.

Stop dreaming.  You’re done with that.  Kids dream.  Are you still a kid?  No?

Then stop.  We aren’t dreamers anymore.

Grow up.


10 thoughts on “Grow Up”

  1. The dream is where the idea or the goal begins. Without the dream, there is no spark to push toward making that dream a reality. Making a dream a goal doesn’t stop it from being a dream. Only when the dream is brought to fruition does it become reality. Until that point where the dream becomes reality, it’s still a dream. Not dreaming means losing that spark of inspiration and that goal to strive for. Dreams cannot become reality if they aren’t dreams to begin with. When one dream is made reality we dream again and act on that new spark of inspiration, or we stagnate and cease to move forward.

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  2. I also agree with what PCGuyIV said. I think that dreams are the starting points. Dreams are where goals and plans and ideas and motivations come from. I’ve had many, many dreams over the years and so another point of dreams, I think, is that you can sort through all of the possibilities of what you *could* do, then take and run with one all the way to reality. Quoting PCGuyIV, “Not dreaming means losing that spark of inspiration and that goal to strive for.” Without dreams, I think that there would be no plans, no goals, nothing to strive for. The impossible is made possible when you dream and then decide to make that dream a reality.

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      1. I agree with you 100%. There is a point when we need to stop dreaming and start making our dreams come true. Yet “the pleasure of a dream is that it’s a fantasy. If it becomes real, it was never a dream”. That’s where I disagree.

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