If You Don’t Start, You’ll Never Finish


Motivating yourself to start something can be just as hard as motivating yourself to FINISH something.  In all honesty, I would argue that finishing something that you’ve started is actually harder.  It takes a lot of effort; it takes a lot of critical thinking; it takes a lot of time.

But motivating yourself to begin requires a special type of motivation.  You have to be willing to accept that you DON’T know what will come of your endeavor.  No matter how much you plan and outline, there are so many variables.

You have to accept that it’s going to be hard.  It’s going to be difficult.  There are going to be curve balls.

But you have hope, and so you begin anyway.

And this kind of “beginning” motivation is the most important.  Because if you don’t start, you’ll never finish.

You’ve heard me quote this before: “You can’t edit a blank page”.  But you CAN edit a crappy page, because at least you wrote something.

Writing…gosh…sometimes writing is hard.  Sometimes it seems meaningless, as if you’re in your own little world, and nobody cares about you.  Or maybe everyone is stuck in THEIR own little worlds, but their worlds are bigger and more important than yours.

Sometimes writing sucks.

But you have to push through.  It’s that simple.  There’s no “sugar-coating it”.  Writing sucks sometimes, and you have to push through.

And if you WANT to write, but you haven’t started?  If you DREAM about writing, but don’t think you’ll ever finish?

Start anyway.

Because if you don’t start, you’ll never finish.

Ironically, it took me five days to write this because I didn’t have enough time to finish it!!!  What do you think?

14 thoughts on “If You Don’t Start, You’ll Never Finish”

  1. I agree with you! I’m still on vacation, but during this trip I found my resolve to keep writing. Going forward, I’m not going to let self-doubt about writing bring me down anymore. I’m just going to keep moving and finish my stories :3

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    1. Well I commend you for that, it’s easy to let writing slide when you’re on vacation. And you know what? Finishing stories feels amazing!! So I don’t know what is stopping writers from persevering.


    1. Aha! Well said. I did NaNoWriMo this year…I was writing the seventh book of my series, and I completed it, but it wasn’t 50,000 words long! If it were National NOVELLA Writing Month, I would’ve nailed it 😉

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