Promoting Yourself–How To Get People’s Attention

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There are plenty of people in the blogosphere trying to get attention.  Every now and then, I might run into a person who says “I don’t care how much attention I get; I’ll still blog and write.”  And that’s a great mentality to have.  You shouldn’t let everyone else’s opinions stop you.

But still, at times, it feels like everyone is trying to promote SOMETHING.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some bloggers are trying to “promote” their emotions, the outcome of their relationship, how their weekend went, etc.  Similarly, other people are “promoting” advice, or a message like religion or political philosophy.

Others are simply sharing their love of something by promoting that something.  For instance, some people review books, TV shows, movies, etc., just for fun.

But all of this involves promoting yourself too.  You won’t be able to promote anything unless you promote yourself.

And promoting yourself can be a big deal when you’re like the majority of bloggers out there…when you’re trying to promote what you write.

Take It From Me

tired squidward
Sometimes…this is me

Take it from me: there’s a lot of competition.  I’m sure most of you have realized this.  Everyone wants people to be interested in what they’re selling.  If you’re an author and a blogger, then you’re a marketer.  It’s that simple.

Unfortunately, I can’t lay down a “road map to success” for any of you.  In order to do that, I would need to find that road map first!  But I can pass on some advice I got.

Allow me to tell you a story:

Image result for pic of a college

I’m a senior in high school.  I’m sure most of you remember this time in your life where you had to start making adult decisions, particularly concerning your future.  For me, this involved what I was going to do in college.  I already have a free ride to an amazing college (thanks to my awesome, hard-working dad), so the question was, “What will I study in college?”

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but, basically, my parents were strongly pushing me to make a decision based on my financial future.  As I’m sure most of you know, I would like to pursue a degree that has to do with writing and literature.  But my parents were advising me to do something that could get me a nice job; a job that I could use to support a family.

I also happen to be pretty smart when it comes to things like math, physics, etc.

So I thought, “Well, I could be a math major.  Or a physics major.”

In the end, I ended up texting my older brother who had graduated from the same college with multiple degrees.  He’s a physicist, a mathematician, and an engineer (I know, smart guy!).

I asked for his advice, if he could see me as a mathematician or a physicist, and he replied with a simple question: “Why not an engineer?”

I didn’t really get the point: “Why?” Why would it matter?  All three majors were basically the same, right?

Math majors and physicists have all the skills to do what an engineer does, as far as I could tell.  In a lot of cases, they took similar classes, but for different reasons.  All that was really different was the degree you got.

That was what I thought.

But then my brother told me something that I believe applies to waaaay more than just college and choosing a degree.

He told me that no industry/employer/company needs mathematicians or physicists anymore.  They need engineers.  Why?

Because engineers have something to OFFER.

Image result for pic of engineers

You see, engineers are able to USE their knowledge of math and physics to create PRODUCTS.  They don’t just have the knowledge, they can USE it.  And this is what people want.  My brother wasn’t saying that mathematicians and physicists are good for nothing.

But people want someone that can be useful to them.  That’s the way the world works.

How does this apply to writing and promoting yourself?

You have to become something that people want.  Or better yet, something that people NEED.  Be useful to other people.

This is the best way to promote yourself; by offering something that people want.  Sometimes this means not talking about yourself.  Maybe this means sharing advice, writing a review for someone, or something else entirely.

Whether we like it or not though, this is the way the world works.  People will want you if they need you.  So develop the skillset and gather to yourself what people need.  The best way to promote yourself is by promoting what people actually want.

That’s just the way it goes.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!

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20 thoughts on “Promoting Yourself–How To Get People’s Attention”

  1. I think it’s like you said – there are many people online trying to promote themselves. Honestly, I used to get discouraged by the lack of reads on my work compared to other writers, but in the end, there is just too many of us out there trying to get noticed. From writers, artist, graphic designers, musicians, etc. We’re all trying to find that unicorn that will set us apart. Sadly, most of us will never find it, and instead, we’ll be chasing it forever.

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  2. Great post as always, Dominic! I’m usually non-competitive in a “Here, you can have the winning prize, I don’t want to compete” kind of way and pretty easygoing, so it’s easier for me to write for fun regardless of views (though it’s rewarding when people do read and comment!). 😛

    Interesting story regarding college choices! My story is a little similar; I didn’t know what college course I should be taking back then (I wasn’t ready to go full-time writing and publishing), so my dad just suggested going for IT since I like computers, and it turns out I have a knack for programming! I’m not the best but I’m all right, and IT is important in this technologically developing world. 😄

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    1. There you go! That was a smart move for college choices; it’s useful, you’re good at it, and there’s even a “world-building” dimension when it comes to programming. I’ve thought about taking up a similar field!

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      1. If you take up IT and programming, I’m sure you’d do well to seeing how you’re looking at being a mathematician, physicist or engineer! My only sadness is that I took a more business-like IT degree (Information Systems Engineering; yeah, I’m a fake engineer 😛) so I didn’t get to take classes for game programming. On the other hand, if I took a different degree I wouldn’t have met my now-husband, so I’d think everything went well in the end! 😀

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      2. Awww well yeah, that’s a happy ending 😉
        But i see where you’re going with the game-programming…my brother, the one I mentioned in the post, has started dabbling in making video games. It’s pretty cool!

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      3. Cool! Do let him know I said good luck. 😀

        Fun fact & motivation for him: The popular game World of Goo was developed by a team of 2 people! I love that game, and the soundtrack is great too. 😀

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  3. Hey! Saw your comment in the community pool! I’m part of a trio that started a blog a few months ago, but I’ve been frustrated by the difficulty in growing our readership.

    When I saw the headline, I was a bit skeptical, I thought it was going to be another one of these “4 tips to build your following!” posts that all inevitably have the same 4 tips and they’re already things you’re doing. But, I ended up really enjoying the post. I like the idea of thinking about growing your readership more as “big picture” than as “easy ways out.”

    Anyway, thanks for the food for thought! I’ll be sure to check back for new posts!


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    1. You’re welcome! And I’m glad you could take something away from the post. It’s true, sometimes there’s a lot of fake or overused “helpful” posts out there. Sometimes we just need to hear the truth, plain and simple.

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  4. Interesting post! I find it to be true. That and: “You have to offer more than others.” Do you know “The Author Hangout” podcast? It addresses similar subjects, so I thought you might enjoy it.

    As for career choices… I’ve made the “reasonable choice”, not knowing then that most jobs were “full-time or no-time” and required you to work on your own time too, in order to keep up the pace. I didn’t know, either, that that would take from me my reason for getting up in the morning. Now, I’d rather have part-time minimum-salary jobs for the rest of my life, as long as they allow me to spend several hours a week doing what I really love: creative writing.

    It all comes down to what’s really important for *you*. Unfortunately, that’s hard to figure out. ^^;

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    1. Wow…well said! Thanks for such a thoughtful reply. I’ve never heard of “The Author Hangout”, but it sounds right up my alley! Thanks for telling me about it 🙂
      You know, I really feel the same way about career choices. Give me a job that I can survive on, but give me time to do what I love. Or better yet, give me a job as a writer, because then I’m killing two birds with one stone! I wish things were that simple! Well, here’s to chasing the dream…

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  5. I believe (maybe wrongly so) that I have something to offer to my readers in the writing I do. And if not, at least I’m pursuing a passion of mine — so I don’t feel like blogging is a waste of time by any means. Thought provoking read for sure. Thanks!

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