The Reason Why People “Like” But They Don’t Comment

I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs recently where the authors have a MAD following.  I sigh and drool and faint whenever I see how many followers these people have.  They average at LEAST 40 likes a post.

But they also average MAYBE 2-3 comments a post.


These people have 5,000+ followers.  Some have 20,000+ followers.  Why is no one commenting?


Let’s be honest.  Everybody likes to get Liked.  But I think we can agree that when people take the time to comment, this feedback means way more to us.  Because it’s easy for people to click the Like button, but it takes effort to comment.  And that means they are taking us seriously and actually paying attention.  We like comments more than Likes.

The question is then: What makes people comment?


Sig and Armstrong

You might have a huge following, but if you don’t have a sense of personality, people will stop treating you like a blogger.  They’ll see your blog posts, they’ll Like them, hopefully they’ll read them…but if you are only putting your writing forward, or whatever you’re trying to promote, people won’t care about you.  They won’t know YOU.

People might like your blog, but they aren’t going to comment unless they like you.

Think about it.

If your blog, your writing, lacks a sense of YOU, what will people be seeing?   Just words.  They might be some good words.  But if they aren’t able to attribute them to you, then why would they comment?  Who are they commenting to?  Not a person.   Just words.  And no one praises or converses with random words, however good they are.


Of course, maybe you ARE putting yourself into what you write…but maybe it’s too much of yourself.  I see this sooooo often.  Those bloggers who get big and popular and then all they do is blog about themselves and their own personal endeavors.  The titles of their posts are eternally:

“Hey, check out my new book”

“PLEASE buy my new book”

“Hey, guess what?  My new book is out”

“Update on my story”

You get the picture.

I’ve said this multiple times and I’ll say it again.  If you want followers and an active audience, blog about things people CARE about.  Blog about things that HELP people.  Make them WANT or NEED you.

If all you blog about is yourself, this can also constitute a lack of personality towards your audience.  Or, maybe not a lack of personality, but a bad personality.

Don’t be like those bloggers who are dry and have no personality, and don’t be like those bloggers who never have anything to offer to their followers.  Let your audience know who you are, and show your followers that you care about THEM too.  Make people come to your blog not just because of your content, but because of your character–because they genuinely know and like you as a person (and not just what you’re promoting)!

 I hope this helped!

What do you think?

138 thoughts on “The Reason Why People “Like” But They Don’t Comment”

  1. Reblogged this on Mel Cusick-Jones and commented:
    Interesting post here on why people ‘like’ but don’t always comment. (I’m not sure where ‘reblogging’ sits in this situation…?)

    I think there are some valid ideas here in what makes people comment more than like, or do nothing at all. The only one I find that stops me commenting is when I follow blogs which aren’t WordPress and get into the horrible ‘sign in’ to comment thing, which has deleted my lengthy comments or requires me to set up a load of new user stuff just to comment back on something I found interesting…

    What do you think, commenter, liker or invisible reader… which are you?

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  2. I always try to leave a word to connect with those blogs I visit. I appreciate the effort that goes into creating a post. You have a point and yet I personally know people who don’t comment because they just don’t feel comfortable doing it. There is slso the questiion of motive. Is a person truly trying to be engaging or just liking blogs to get follow backs? In my 6 years of blogging I’ve developef many long term relationships and yet I have 1000 or more “followers” that I saw only once. It is a lot like life.

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    1. “It is a lot like life” I agree with you there!

      For sure, you can never know people’s motives for commenting, or for liking and not commenting, for that matter. I would say that, generally, there IS definitely evidence that people Like simply because they don’t truly care about the post, but want to give the appearance of caring.

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  3. This is a view from the other (following) side: I know some bloggers who have a massive following but they don’t leave comments themselves without being prompted first so I think after a while you know that they will respond only ‘out of politeness’ but will not stop by your blog so you just don’t invest so much time in them as well, because it does take an investment of time and energy to say something meaningfull. I really wonder if people with a small following won’t get more comments than the ones with a big following.. Interesting to think about :-). I guess personality will have something to do with it too but I think it’s more than one factor here.

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    1. I honestly think personality is everything. There are people with WAY more followers than me, who blog more often, but still don’t get comments. I can only assume its because they don’t engage their audience personally, outside of their articles. Good insight!

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  4. I think this is a wonderful blog post and very helpful for people who are struggling. I think this gives many a chance to start somewhere instead of them not knowing the problem and how to approach it. Good job!

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  5. I found your post via Morgana. And now that i read it, i totally see what you mean. I did come across blogs i followed and occasionally read, but never really commented, because i had nothing to say. But as you pointed out the personality thing, i think that’s it. Just felt like something is missing…
    Those bloggers i interact with all the time are all very genuine and open, and even if they talk about stuff i don’t personally enjoy i still want to talk to them about it 😀

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