The Story

As my audience gets larger, it’s important that I reexplain what this blog is about.  This blog is obviously about sharing my experiences as an author/blogger.  Most of my posts are about how we can become better writers and bloggers.

But this blog is also about Elithius.  Elithius is the fantasy series that I’m writing; it had previously been called The Golden Lands, but I decided to change the name because I thought Elithius was a cooler name.

So, what’s Elithius about?

Here’s my logline:

John Hedekira and his friends must track and rescue Cassie and Luke, John’s little sister and brother, before they can be taken and sacrificed to the God of Death by Nirak, the Red Captain.


That’s the initial plot.  But to go into more detail…

John Hedekira is the main character of this series.  Quite unexpectedly, his home is raided by a band of Evil–mysterious, unearthly creatures–and the Evil kidnap his siblings and leave him for dead.  John survives the encounter, however, is determined to rescue his siblings and get revenge.

The thing is, there’s a time limit; John must save his siblings–Cassie and Luke–before they can be sacrificed to the God of Death.

Saving Cassie and Luke is far from simple.  As John chases the Evil, he makes friends, but loyalties are tested and betrayal is in the air.  His desire for vengeance grows stronger.  A mysterious ghost is discovered to be hunting him.  And even Death itself will try to ensnare John.

John and his friends have to fight with every ounce they have in order to overcome trial after trial.

Can John and his friends rescue Cassie and Luke in time, in spite of these obstacles?  And who will they be when all is said and done?

This is the story I wrote.  I really hope you guys enjoy it when it’s ready!  In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting a little less, but that’s just because I’m trying to finish revising the novel.  Thanks again for all your support!

What do you think of my story?  Does it sound interesting?  Is this a book you would want to read?

Grow Up

Emiya fall

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid for doing what you love?  If you didn’t have to worry at all about money, because your dream took care of all that?

You’re not relying on a job.

Not on your parents.

Not on even charity (taking God out of the equation).

You’re relying just on your dream.

We can see the ways in which this would happen…we can imagine it…maybe even taste it.  But then it hits us: well, that’s just a dream…or is it?

You know what I think?

What do you think?

I don’t want to dream anymore.

Huh?  Why?  Dreaming is great!  Dreaming keeps you going!  If you don’t dream, life will be boring.  Life will cease to be exciting.  To not dream is to give up!

No, you’re wrong.



“the pleasure of a dream is that it’s a fantasy.  If it becomes real, it was never a dream”-Fullmetal Alchemist


Yeah.  “Oh.”  That quote from Fullmetal Alchemist has always been meaningful to me.  It hit me hard when I heard it, the same way it hit the protagonist of FMA.  I don’t want to dream if I want my dream to become real.  Because then it won’t be a fantasy.  It won’t be a dream then.  It will be REAL.

And I WANT it to be real.

Stop dreaming.  You’re done with that.  Kids dream.  Are you still a kid?  No?

Then stop.  We aren’t dreamers anymore.

Grow up.


Blogger Recognition Award

So I’ve been graciously nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Acire over at Scribe’s Canvas.  Her blog is amazing, you should seriously check it out here!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write a post to show your award
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started
  3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  4. Select 15 other bloggers for the award
  5. Make sure you tell those 15 bloggers that they’ve been nominated!

So let’s get started!

How my blog started

I began this blog right after I finished writing the first book of my fantasy series, The Golden Lands.  I was excited because I had been blogging about an even older series over at Montairyus, but this was a new and fresh idea, and I was excited to share it with the blogosphere.

Basically, I began this blog as a means of sharing my writing talents with others, especially through my book series, which is now called Elithius.

Advice to New Bloggers

Don’t stop writing.  If you want more followers, you have to write.

Don’t write about your personal endeavors too much.  Write about stuff that OTHER people can care about, not just your supportive family members!

I Nominate…

Well, first I have to go find some people 😉

Thanks again Acire, and thank all of YOU for the constant support you give me!

I love how much my blog has grown and how involved my community is!  You guys rock!!