What’s the Point–Why Should I Write?


Well, so my computer is shot. That’s right, no more convenience of hopping onto my computer and being able to write much faster than on my phone…editing is going to be harder, and no doubt publishing will be.

Oh well, guess I better cough up some money for a new one.

You know I’ve been thinking a lot about stories lately. A lot about what I’m trying to accomplish by writing. Writing is something beautiful and it means so much to me; it’s a sport of the mind, a rollercoaster of the heart, a journey of the soul. I would be a totally different person without it.

But I’ve been thinking about the things that will really make me happy, about the paths that lie ahead. Choices I need to start making, mentalities I need to form. What will make me happy? What should I be doing with my life?

Yes, I know, these are big questions. But another big question is “will writing be a part of the answers to these questions?”


Writing makes me happy, yes, but lately I’ve been feeling a call to make my life more about other people. I know it’s cheesy, I know it’s preachy, but nothing makes us happier than when we make others happy, than when we change someone’s life for the better, when we mean something to others, not just to ourselves. ย This is what makes people happy: it makes ME happy.

And I want to use my writing to do this.

So the question becomes, “what can I write that will help others, that will build people up, that will mean something too them?”

I feel like it isn’t so much “what should I write” as much as “how should I write it? With what mentality? With what drive?” And, ultimately, if I form my willpower in the right way, or point it in the right direction, then I’ll always be writing the right thing.

So I guess I need to change my drive. I need to not write for myself, or about myself. I need to write something for others. If I do that, then I’ll help myself. I know that I need writing too, but I need to act lIke people need my writing more than I do.

If you read all of that, then thank you. And welcome…welcome to who I am. You just experienced a lot of me; I hope you understand that.

So thank you, and, as always, please tell me:ย what do you think?

8 thoughts on “What’s the Point–Why Should I Write?”

  1. I ask myself this question. In fact I wrote a book and I know it is a rare story, but who reads these days? If no one reads can I be a writer? I believe at least a hundred have read the book cover to cover as I know 200 or so copies have been purchased and I have 30 reviews. Then I blog…to support the book and expand upon different topics contained therein and others that matter to me. It does help me. Does my writing help anyone else? I ask as you do.

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    1. Well first of all, selling 200 copies of a book and getting 30 reviews is awesome. But I agree, sometimes the world is a cruel place for writers and it feels like we are talking to an unbreakable wall. I guess the goal is to make a crack in that wall, or at least a dent.
      Thanks for speaking up and sharing this…it means a lot to know that I’m not alone in feeling this way.


  2. I think it’s a question everyone asks at some point, not just writers: “What’s the point of going through this hard road? What am I trying to achieve?” The answer is different for everyone, and I’m glad you realised yours is more towards writing for other people. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Being a hobbyist writer, my answer is and has always been: I write for myself. I write stories that I want to read, and I will always be my #1 fan. Sure, I’ve “published” a few stories under my pseudonyms (if posting on a free story repository site counts as publishing), but while it’s a great feeling to have people read and review my stories, my answer remains the same: I write stories for myself.

    On the other hand, I blog for other people. As long as there’s at least 1 person who reads my post, I feel a little more fulfilled. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And sorry to hear about your computer! I know how it feels when that happens, especially when I’m usually glued to mine. Hopefully you can somehow get it fixed (is there a repair shop near your place?) or get a new one. And I really hope you backed up your data!

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    1. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with writing for yourself!! I mean, I’m STILL going to be writing for me, it’s just that I’m going to try and redirect my writing towards others. And I totally get what you’re saying about being your own #1 fan ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think being a writer means that you have to be! Nobody should be more excited about your work than you!

      And thanks, yeah, I’m hoping I can save the data!!

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  3. Your post had me chuckling because I’ve virtually done the EXACT opposite! I’ve spent the last 10 years working for other people (in the human services industry; mental health, disability, family violence), and the last 20 years writing to please others (stories I started but didn’t want to continue but HAD to because of the fanfiction following they had)… so now, just a few weeks ago, I made the decision to write for ME! And boy am I over the moon about it.

    My point is, write what will make you ‘over the moon’… if that’s writing for others, do it. Especially if writing for you isn’t so much doing it for you now. Plus, after 10 years of helping people… yeah it’s a good feeling… just don’t give away TOO much of yourself in the helping *she says fragmented and trying to reclaim the little bits of her soul forever gone*…

    Good luck whatever you decide.

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    1. I totally get what you’re saying!! Yeah, I don’t mean that I’m going to go write for a business or company. What I really mean is that when I write, I’m oftentimes just doing it to feel better about myself. Instead of solving problems, I wallow in them through my writing. So I’m going to start using my writing to “get out of myself” a little bit. I’ll still be writing what I love–fantasy–but I’ll just be doing it with a different mindset.

      And hey, great for you! I’m glad that you’re enjoying yourself. That’s the way it should be!

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      1. Having just read your article about what price to sell your book, I must ask, was this a post to help people or just for you ๐Ÿค” Because you’ve actually helped me with this post!!!

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