If You Constantly Asked For Advice, This Would Be Our Conversation


“Hey Dom, can I have some advice?”


“What can I do to gain an audience for my book?”

“You can blog?”

“And after that?”

“Blog some more?”

One month later

“Hey Dom, I’ve got 10 followers!  What should I do now?”

“Great job!  Keep blogging!”

Three months later

“Dom, nobody liked my last post!  I haven’t received any comments at all this week!  What should I do?”

“Keep blogging.”


“Just keep blogging.”

Six months later

“Dom!  I did it!  I hit 150 followers!  Now what?”

“Blog some more.”

Another six months later

“I don’t get it, Dom.  I have 200 followers, but I hardly get any traffic.  I just don’t get it.  Any ideas?”

“Keep blogging.”

One year later

“BAM!  I did it Dom!  2000+ followers!  Can’t believe I made it this far!  Your advice was so helpful.  Could you just summarize what you’ve taught me?”




11 thoughts on “If You Constantly Asked For Advice, This Would Be Our Conversation”

  1. I have almost one year of blogging with 1,268 followers and over 200 blog post =) Honestly, I have no idea why people follow my blog. I feel like it’s mostly me rambling.

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    1. That’s totally impressive! I’ve been blogging for two years and i haven’t even broken 1000 followers! I guess you’re just popular 😉

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  2. The answer to everything? BLOG!! 😆
    I’m still pretty new at blogging at two months, so if I think of the above, eventually I’ll be at one year at loads of followers! Hopefully. 😛

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