Elithius Unleashed

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I try not to blog too much about my book, but I feel as if I must now.  Why, you ask?

Because, well, I’ve finally done it.  Elithius, Book One: The Red Captain is officially ready to go!

You know that feeling when you finally finish editing your book?  Yeahhhhhh…it’s a great feeling!

It took me a bit longer than I liked, but I officially completed the makeover of my series (previously called The Golden Lands).  What was originally four very short books is now one normal sized book.  I have a new, official cover.  The prose has been edited, the plot polished.  I’ve changed scenes to be more realistic, changed names to sound cooler, and added in some new themes that will play a MAJOR role in the upcoming books.

So The Golden Lands is no more.  Elithius is finally being unleashed.

If you read The Golden Lands, I would highly encourage you to still download/pick up Elithius.  A lot has changed, and so it’s important that you remain up-to-speed on everything that is occurring in the series.

I haven’t officially published Elithius yet, so hold your horses.  

But guess what?  I’m enrolling Elithius into Kindle’s Storytelling Competition.  Ultimately, it sounds like a panel of judges will decide who the winner is, but the ratings and reviews you get from fans are extremely important!  Be sure to show Elithius some love if you get the chance.  I promise I will price Elithius as low as possible (even though I wrote a post about how you should SELL what you write).

Well, for the sake of gaining reviews and ratings for the competition, I’m going to forsake my own words.  If I can make Elithius free or $0.99, I will.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for the support!!!  I’m honestly so honored to be a part of the community that I’m in!

I’ll be sure to let you know when Elithius is officially published!

Copyright 2017 Elizabeth M

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20 thoughts on “Elithius Unleashed”

  1. Congratulations! Your finishing your book inspires me to put more effort into writing my memoir. I really admire people who have the patience and determination to finish such a big project. I just have a lot of notes for most of my memoir’s chapters. The only chapter of my memoir that is almost finished is one that I’m currently posting on my blog as a three-part series.

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    1. Well thank you! What a compliment!
      I give you credit for writing a memoir. Not too many people do that nowadays. I think writing a memoir can be equally inspirational, because it requires so much reflection!
      Good luck with your memoir, it sounds like a worthy endeavor!

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  2. Look, writing a book is really tough. It can take years! Hats off for having the perseverance to actually complete such a task!

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