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We all have a story, and there are many paths that will take us to a new story. As writers, sometimes it’s daunting to acknowledge this fact: the fact that there are so many different roads.

We don’t always know where they lead. We don’t always know which way we should travel. Sometimes we try to go down multiple roads at once, in order to try them all out.

And then there are times when we CAN see which path we should take…but we are still afraid. Because the road isn’t straight. It curves. It gets bumpy, and rough. There are potholes and hills. Sometimes the road isn’t even paved. We look at this road and doubt. We lose our faith.

It’s in these times that we need to stop looking at the road itself and remind ourselves about where it leads. Sure, we have to pay attention to the road sometimes: we have to think about avoiding those potholes, or struggling up those hills. But if we don’t keep our eye on the prize, we’ll never reach it. Because we’ll be lost in the road.

Where are you in your journey? Where are you trying to get to? What stands in your way? Have you found your road?

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What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Roads”

  1. Right now, I’m still trying to get my first novel complete. Then once that’s complete, I’ll be working on my new story. My overall goal is to be a published writer. I think what stands in the way is myself, sadly. I need to make dedicated time to write, but sometimes I get lazy.

    Yes, I’ve found my road, and I just need to walk it. =) This was a great blog post!

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  2. Oh man, the road to writing is always bumpy and curvy! I’d be excited about a writing project and then eventually get bogged down by “Why isn’t it coming out smoothly? Why is it taking 3 million years to finish?!” Then I need to remind myself what it’s like when it’s finished. Yep, that’s what I’m going through now, because I have a story that I’ve been stuck writing in the past 5 years, and I’m like 8k words away from finishing. 😝


  3. Hmmmm …Great post Dominic. Could stop myself to write here….standing confused in between the road.Seems to have a struggle throughout this path but yes,positive to reach at goal. It may take time but hardly matter…

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  4. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got it all figured out. . Sometimes I don’t know where I am.. where I’m going.. what stands in my way and what my prize is!

    Loved this post!
    Shall stay more focused

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  5. People want everything perfect. And they want it now. Nobody wants to deal with delays, taking the longer route. But the alternative sucks even more – standing still and doing nothing is worse than moving on and dealing with bumps and curves 😀 Thank you for the wonderful post!

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    1. It’s the truth. We set all of these expectations and goals. It’s hard to see them through. That’s just the way life is. To gain, you have to give. And sometimes you have to give a lot!
      I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for such a thoughtful comment 🙂

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