To What Shall We Compare the Modern Writer?

We the Waffles

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Being a writer is a lot like being a waffle. You have to compartmentalize things. Like your money, your attention, and your time. There’s a compartment for everything; your family, work, school, relaxation, and writing. No two compartments overlap or share: each compartment is entirely dedicated to itself without distraction.

And also, from time to time, each compartment experiences an abundance of sweetness from that oh-so-pleasant “life syrup”.

Yeah, being a writer is like being a waffle.

The Wolf

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Why a wolf?

Because writers howl. We cry even when no one is listening. We scream out our defiance of the world. And we are hungry. Hungry for more. Desperate to be quick enough, to be sharp enough, to pierce others…while realizing that, at the same time, it’s really we ourselves that must bleed first.

We are also wolves because we work in packs. We work together. And we need to, because that’s the only way we’ll survive. We help one another cry, help each other pierce the world with our gleaming white fangs.


So writers are waffle wolves.  Makes about as much sense as being a writer.

But that’s being an author for ya 😉

What do you think?

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Copyright 2017 Elizabeth M

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