The world is constantly calling out to him.  He hears the world’s cry for help…but also its taunts.  The world seeks to crush him.

He steps into his lonely apartment building.  Walks up the steep steps.  There is no one to greet him when he walks through his door.  He is alone.  And his loneliness, along with the world, speaks to him.

You are no good.  No one will ever listen to you.  You are alone.  You are unwanted.  And you will stay that way.

And so he is discouraged.  He sits on his bed, elbows on his knees, head in his hands.  Pain fills him, breaks his heart, infests his mind.  Life seems to cave in on him.  It’s a question he can’t answer.

“Is this the end?”

He takes a deep breath, raising his head.  The light falls softly, warmly, through the blinds of his windows.  And through one of these windows, he can faintly see the setting sun.  It’s beautiful.  He has no one to share it with.  But it’s beautiful.

So he will find someone to share it with.

Like a spark among cold, dusty ashes, he glimpses the light…and it’s all he needs.

The thing that he has that no other animal has; the thing he possesses that is so powerful, it can move mountains.  A God-given power, made for God-like things.


It fills him.  It drives him.  Beauty drives him.  Love for that beauty.  Love for his imagination.  And a love for the world…because he must share the Beauty with the world.  He must bring it to life.  He must not be alone anymore.

He sits down at his desk, opens his computer…

…and writes.


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