How To Determine Who Your Real Followers Are

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Sooner or later, whether you like it or not, you’re going to find yourself wondering, “Who are my real followers?”

Sometimes I see these blogs where the author has gained a following of 2,000…or 20,000, or even 120,000.  That’s a LOT of followers, and I dream of having that many.  That being said, it’s interesting to note that these blogs only merit about 15-70 Likes per post.  You might think, “What’s wrong with that?  70 Likes is a lot!”  But compare that to the number of followers.   If you have 10,000 followers, and you only get 70 Likes…wouldn’t you be disappointed?  Shouldn’t you be getting…hmm, maybe at least a couple thousand Likes, assuming that other few thousand weren’t online that day?

What’s going on here?

All right, I’ll admit, we could get crazy with the statistics of blogging; maybe it’s not fair for me to say that only 70 people care about your blog when you have 2000 followers, just because you got only 70 Likes.  Maybe those 70 Likes consist of 70 different people each time you publish a post, so from that perspective, you really might have a huge following, depending on how many people are online on different days.

Whatever the case, that’s what this post is about: recognizing that Likes aren’t love, for better or for worse (I just made a political pun and a marriage pun right there!).


When someone Likes a post of yours, they don’t necessarily need to View it.  You don’t need to go far to see what I’m talking about.  In your Reader, you can see that–without having to click and OPEN a post–you can press the Like button.  And you don’t even have to know what you’re Liking.  You can appear to be a faithful follower, but in reality, you’re just going through the motions.

People can and have done this to me multiple times.

How do I know?  How do YOU know?  Well, go to your Stats page.  Heck, just go to your “Blog Posts” page, where you can see your most recently published articles.  You should be able to see the number of Likes, Comments…and yes, Views!

Does the number of Views outweigh the Likes?  If it does, then great job!

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Now, the people who Liked your post STILL might not have Viewed it.  We can’t tell if the people who Liked also Viewed.  But still, the number of Views is more important, because in order to tally Views…well, someone has to actually open up your post!  Which means it’s more likely that they read it.  Which means it’s more likely that they care.

And bingo.  You’ve found your true followers.

You’re followers are the people who read your posts, not Like them.  Because you can Like without reading.  

Monitor your Views.  If they are lower than your Likes, try to change that.  Work hard to make posts that are attractive and that really draw people in.  Make your writing desirable and View-worthy.  It’s easy to Like something.  It’s harder to View.  Which means Views are worth more.

What do you think?

15 thoughts on “How To Determine Who Your Real Followers Are”

  1. Indeed. That’s why I get more excited and I appreciate comments and e-mails more than new followers. Then I know that people are actually reading my posts and even taking the time to share with me what they think of what I wrote.

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  2. Well. What do I think?
    I think the whole premises and purpose behind this post depends upon what exactly it is YOU want from blogging. I don’t really know you at all, but as you know I’ve commented meaningfully on a few of your posts. I’ve also read a few more and not liked, either because I did not agree with you or because it was another book promotion post and while I enjoyed and liked a couple of those, I won’t give you empty likes for no reason. I am saying goes this because you place higher value in views. The value of views is undeniable, especially if you wish at some point to monetise your blog.
    However, I think comments are more important to some bloggers, who ate writing for the love of and telling sake of and the clarity and sanity of writing.
    Absolutely, nobody wishes to be flooded by empty likes but even if you are, so what? It’s neither here nor there.
    Views are also a boost mechanism for your writerly sensibilities, as it reinforces the fact that we are talking to Actual People,and not to the void.
    I proud to say that my views and my likes and my comments and dreaming high numbers, and so I don’t over analyse the why’s and wherefores.
    That being said, you seen to clearly want high numbers of followers in order to , I presume, promote your books and writing carreer at large. Which is great. You are among a good group who are doing exactly the same thing and I’m sure you’ll achieve it.
    I do absolutely and vehemently disagree with you regarding the “write for others ” philosophy. Whether that makes me less or more endearing to some is irrelevant to me.
    I write what I LIKE. What I WANT.
    I presume that out of the 65 million ish blogs out there, there will be a large coincidence of others who also like what I write and voila- true followers.
    Best of luck and everything to you. Excuse some typos, I’m one handedly dealing with a toddler too!

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    1. Haha well I’m glad you were able to write all of this while managing a toddler! You have my sincerest respect!! I can understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to explain my philosophy on “write for others”. I’ll be posting something else about that though soon!


  3. I agree, though I kinda stopped looking at my blogging stats a while back; they tend to make me compare myself to others who have lots of followers and likes and whatnot, and, well, that’s not good for me. 😅

    So I decided to focus on those who interact with me via the comments. Because these are the ones who matter most to me. 😀

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  4. True! I’ve actually never paid attention to the views! in fact, I thought we should be disappointed with a greater number of views but after reading this, I think I’ll be looking at my views from a different perspective now. Thanks for the positive insight!:)

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