Faith’s Theme 1

Faith Pinck is the female lead in Elithius.  She starts out as an innocent 16-year-old, wanting to “make the world a better place” and “find something fulfilling to do”.

She never thought that she would end up doing that alongside John Hedekira, becoming a full-fledged warrior in the meantime.

Faith’s theme is about the courage to do what’s right, to stand up against evil, even though you might be small.  It’s about hearing the voice of truth underneath the lies that world tries to tell us.  It’s about retaining innocence and a sense of honor and virtue, even though the circumstances make us feel like turning into monsters.  It’s about holding on to love and teaching others to do so, even when they are tempted to hate.

My little sister’s awesome depiction of Faith

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Cover art by Elizabeth M

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